Xbar  – Review

Xbar – Review

XBAR Fitness Complete 9-Piece Portable Personal Workout System with Bodylastics Resistance Bands
When I stumble with this product I just knew my intuition wasn’t wrong. It has to be one of the most versatile bars I have ever seen in the fitness industry. Kinda similar to Bowflex expect that it has its advantage that this equipment its portable and you can travel with it with ease (only weights 10 pounds). This version of the xbar it’s more versatile than ever now that the bar can detach into two pieces giving you a wide option of more exercises and variations along the way. This xbar it’s really suitable for any type of fitness level from beginners to advances and with the different resistances bands and angles you can tackle different muscle groups.

Detachable feature setting

With this implemented feature I feel that now you can transition very well from doing compounds (as a whole bar) exercises to isolated exercises (if the bar its snap into two pieces). Which means you can mimic almost every exercise you can possibly do on a regular gym how awesome is that? Also by snapping the bar into two, it’s convertible space and easier to carry when traveling. Its measure only 18 inches when detaching and the hexagonal shape docks were made for the different type of attachments into the bar like different resistances bands and come with a push-button system will transform the single bar into two individuals handles that references similar to dumbells and that way you can open more your arsenal of fitness activities.

Its innovative workout system

Just be honest I quite haven’t seen a product nearly good as a Bowflex but portable. This guy brought something new to the table in the fitness industry. It is designed it’s pretty appealing and the bar it’s extremely light and resistant. You can implement it in any workout system since it has the ability to be really versatile with most of the exercises performed in a gym.  With the new and improved anchor doors, it will fit any door and you can do door pulldowns like the same motion of a cable pulldown on a gym, you will have more arsenal on your tank for more exercises basically more bang out of your buck. You can even implement chair for more intense exercises like chair dips, to build strong triceps. Or do wide incline pushups on a chair, if a normal push up its challenging imagine doing it with your bodyweight incline towards your front shoulders chest, traps.

Why was invented

A lot of pro athletes have to travel around the world. Guess what the inventor of this piece of equipment its none other than Damian Sanders a legendary pro snowboarder. So with that intent, it doesn’t matter what type of sport you are on it because you still regardless have to go to a gym and do the same reglamentaries compounds lift and isolated exercises to develop that athletic physique and performed on a pro level stage. Thanks to the customers feedback the docking system was improved so it can be a more effective and feels more natural transitioning between different exercises. Because the docks are hexagonal now they can pretty much target new angles and The Flyt it’s so intuitive that the learning curve is next to zero. The second you grab one of this xbar you quite know in your instinct what to do.

Yes, it does and pretty effective. Let’s say you are a basketball player and you need to improve that 3 point shot. Guess which muscle of your arms does that pushing? Triceps To do this you put the band under one of your feet and you should grab the bar on the close grip format that push upwards building resistance strength on shoulders triceps and lats, and which muscles of your legs? Probably quadriceps. So in this case with the xbar, you can still train those muscles by doing triceps extensions and conventional squats to do this put the band resistance under your feet and the xbar on top of your shoulders and you’re just exactly doing the something you would do on gym squats on a rack. For volleyball players, they can try the Xbar lateral targeting the shoulders for strength and better mobility.

Good for military training camp preparation

This bar will help you develop strength none the less with cable resistance and bodyweight exercises. This will challenge you to be on your best if you’re thinking to join the ARMY I warn you, you need a lot of physical development and I can see this artifact doing you a big favor in term of having a good base for strength. So let’s say you are a female and age 21 you gotta do at least 47 push ups to past your physical exam on Bootcamp. Of course in the army, they will train you to get stronger but be behaving and the extra edge will earn you more reputations and get attention from Drill sergeants hahaha that’s inevitable.

So whats my opinion

Whether you’re really stuck with a busy schedule being a busy parent, traveling. This Xbar might be the answer to all those problems. It’s so versatile and sorry if I overuse that word but I am saying nothing but my honest opinion. This might be a good solution for trying to contact a near gym in a town you don’t even have the idea or ever been. Its design is light and space convertible so it can fit on a backpack mostly anywhere you travel. The gym its right there on your hands literary whenever you feel you are ready for some good workout. So basically the xbar was born because his inventor was warned that he was out of shape and I gave him credit to push his comfort zone and with all his engineering skills invented this little gem that millions of people like him are getting back into the fitness world.





9 thoughts on “Xbar – Review”

  1. This looks like a very cool piece of equipment to work out with. At first I thought it was like a pull up bar, but after watching the video I see you can do all kinds of things with it.

    I wonder though how this compares to traditional wrfijts — or if this is meant for people her enjoy doing body weight exercises.

    Thanks for showing this bar, and I also like that it is portable.

  2. What a brilliant piece of kit, I have just bought some resistance bands to add to my collection as I have stopped going to the gym, they are great but If I had seen this I would definitely get this instead.
    I like how you get a bar with it which would make doing squats a lot easier, I think I may get this anyway.

  3. First of all, thank you for a great review on the Xbar. I am currently looking for a piece of equipment that I can bring for my traveling.

    It has to be able to fit in my standard luggage, but I can’t find any measurements of the Xbar. Can you help me with that? 🙂

  4. Thank you for the review on the Xbar. It seems simple yet effective. I like the fact that I work against my own weight. I like to tone my muscles and not get bulky.

    I wonder if we can bring the Xbar as carry on for flying or do we have to check it in?

  5. The xbar is simply amazing. First of all, the weight is very impressive. I mean most people can’t carry dumb bells on their trip for a reason. It is way too heavy. It simply doesn’t make sense.

    However, for the xbar, it is only ten pounds. The exercise bands themselves are also practically weightless. The next impressive thing is that you can split this bar into two.

    I was wondering how you can fit a long bar into your suitcase. That pretty much solves that problem along with the fact you can now exercise your arms individually like doing bicep curls for example.

    Back then, my friend only used exercise bands to perform similar exercises. Let’s face it, when you do push exercises to work on the triceps, it simply doesn’t feel the same. What do you think?

    • I think this piece of equipment will save you time from trying to hit a gym on a local place you are traveling, basically a stress relief from that perspective. 

  6. Wow, great post and great review! I am definitely now interested in this equipment. Can you share more specific results that you personally have experienced with this product? What did you like most about it? What did you not like about it? I may buy my own based on your answers!

    • The aspect that I most like about this equipment is that their is so many options with exercises, you wont ran out of ideas trust me. 

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