World Fitness Level – Where you at?

World Fitness Level – Where you at?

Whether you are an athlete or a newcomer to the fitness world there are obviously many deeps within. World fitness level at its finest, I will personally give my insight on what your fitness level is based on some principles that I have learned over the years. You need to have enough fuel in the tank if you want to commit to a change so this principle will help you focus on your goal. Remember that behind your principle there’s a promise but behind your feelings there is nothing.


World Fitness Level - Where you at?

I gotta be honest this factor in the equation it is so important, without a purpose or motive chances are you are not gonna struggle in the process of challenging your self. Making those goals or achieving it needs an outer source someone or something that inspire you to keep moving forward and to not quit. Sports psychology plays a big role believe it or not. Its those kinds of story that when you hear makes your blood boils to start doing something for your life and many other aspects of it. The motive or motion to your actions always starts as an idea transcended into our actions guys.


Discipline and consistency are key in order to track your progress along the way. It’s like a math equation or looks at it has saving money for a better future. Every time you go to a gym its a deposit your making on that bank account and is whether you decide how to spend that time and energy that will be an obvious factor in the outcome.

Discipline will bring structure to your life because you’re scheduling your self to do a work on the process. It’s like building a towering brick by brick that’s discipline, every small step counts towards getting closer to your goals. Never look the goal has unreachable maybe if you divide and conquer it would be a lot easier. By dividing the goal I mean setting realistic expectation within a frame of a time. It could be a week s month or a year.

And comparing the results from where you started to where you currently are will amaze you that all those little bricks make a bigger picture at the end. Also finding those role models out there will help you within this aspect because those people who have made it will hand you their blueprint which for a lot is not the same path or career etc.

None the less they are giving you advice on how they manage to stay true to their goals and not giving up.  Get a plan of action too this will eventually pay off a structured way to put your little steps towards a direction its a must. Remember to apply all this that I am trying to write for you guys newcomers to the fitness industry this will make your self-accountable.


When you look at a work in progress it might feel a bit uncomfortable but I guarantee you your mindset will be transformed and when dedication take place when you’re practicing your craft over and over eventually that suffering that you call hard work will turn in to passion something that you do that will define your life because you literary breath in it .

I will give you an example for me it is boxing, even tho I started has a bodybuilder I transfer that same dedication to boxing and to this date its the sport that defines my life. Every single second I spent in that gym has love in it because it’s my passion when you start doing something with love it won’t be uncomfortable anymore, in fact, I welcome my self to feel that way so I can stretch and become even the best version of my self which also should a be a great goal to have.


I will compare this to your lifespan of a battery because believe it or not willpower is an energy asset that can be potentially wasted depending on how you are managing your focus in. It might be really good spent if you focus on the right things.

Let us say you’re just focusing on achieving that body that you ever really wanted right? Well, willpower it’s your energy supply to carry that motivation and desire to change. Don’t expect to succeed the first time you ever try to diet you wanna know why? Cause you are trying to fix an issue that been there for years and you cant expect a night and day results when you had years of bad habits.

You need to be really realistic with this. You will fail the way to succeed the different between a loser and a winner is that a loser fail and it feels like is the end of it while the winner just takes failure has a lesson. Never take your mistakes personally I recommended you to view it has a process of trial and error.

Where you at?

That answer really upon what you have taken so far in your journey. If you haven’t achieved that body that your looking for yet don’t give up. Chances are that if you take a bias towards more actions instead of overthinking you will have more process then just wandering in the mind freak and getting paralyzed by your thoughts.

It’s not gonna be easy I guarantee you this, but take a look as a gamble of a lifetime, 1 year to correct those bad habits and start a new way of living or getting stuck with your thoughts in your head and complaining that everything you have ever tried doesn’t work.

Not everyone will have the same outcome some will achieve faster than others but there a common denominator here and its called hard work. With hard work determination, you won’t quit if you’re doing this for a bigger purpose then yourself. Gambling 1 year its nothing compare to a lifetime of regrets and not doing what you ever truly wanted. Do you want to be recognized amount others? It’s up to you at this point.


Here is a video I edited the video long time ago with people who inspired me to purnatural bodybuildinglding and I included my self at the end.





9 thoughts on “World Fitness Level – Where you at?”

  1. Thanks for this great piece.

    I’ve been so keen on trying to give myself a better look and posture. Though, I see several opportunity to start working out but never give it a smart attention. After reading your content above wake that giant in me.
    I will get back to my fitness training using your post as a daily motivation and guide.

    Thanks and I will always look forward to your subsequent posts

    • Glad that I serve as a motivational source , I want to be also at my best physique which i haven’t acquired yet to walk the talk and inspire others too. 

  2. Yep, everything you say is true and is what drive people, myself included to work out and gain that body that we all want. Whether it is a body building body, or just a lean and toned body. I can do all of these things, and I can stay motivated. The key for me is to have a partner to work out with. It drives me more than anything.

  3. Erick,

    You hit the nail on the head here when it comes to being motivated and disciplined to stay in shape. I often hear the excuses, “I am too busy” or “I am too tired” to work out. There is always time in the day and being tired is a result of not being active in the first place.I hope you are able to motivate many to be active!


  4. Hi Erick,

    Great article, I stumbled on it at the perfect time as I’m heading back to the gym tomorrow after 3 months off. Really looking forward to getting stuck in again, with slightly different goals to before.

    I’m aiming for flexibility and core strength to help me with my mountain biking and snowboarding. Hopefully I will be will see the benefits on the trails and when the snow starts falling again.

  5. Hey Erick, Really cool post. I have never been the fitness weightlifting kind of guy. I do MMA for 11 years and I can only tell everybody who is not into lifting weights go with MMA you have group pressure as motivation and you can even use it in real life. Plus your willpower will be stronger than of most fitness guys.

    • I think overtime you will develop willpower no matter what fitness area you are in or any en devour on life. 

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