Why do we need electrolytes – Especially during a diet

Why do we need electrolytes – Especially during a diet

Often this goes really under the radar before we start dieting. I gotta admit that I don’t even think about this until it hits me at months deep into a diet and then I start to realize why do we need electrolytes. Especially if you are an athlete who sweats a lot like a runner boxer etc. I noticed that after boxer that dehydrates them self to make weight the first thing they will do is to hydrate and get some electrolytes in the system because believe me they are essential for essential functioning on the body.

This is an important element to keep our body functioning the right way. Remember when you are dieting you are putting your body on a stressful situation by eating less or restricting calories forcing your body to mechanically burn more because of fewer calories you are feeding in and as a result comes to the weight loss from a caloric deficit.

How do you notice you are running low on electrolytes

Common symptoms are feeling dizzy or nausea maybe you noticed while performing a physical task. For me, it fitted me when I was running my morning 6 miles and out of the blue, I wobble like literary if somebody punched me right on the chin. It was not a pleasant experience to be on especially knowing that I am just like 3 miles deep and had the courage to muster up the other half but if you ask me that wasn’t safe to do.

I won’t recommend doing what I did because you might actually pass out, me being a hardcore boxer always say in my mind don’t quit because its a painful sport. We always gotta be mentally tough but something I think we get a little bit stubborn and we might hinder our self instead of progressing to get better and stronger.

Ways to replenish electrolytes

When you hear this its pretty much an assumption that electrolytes only have to come from sports drink which is not true at all. There is healthy food out there that can help you get some electrolytes but just like why supplementation sometimes has the upper hand its because it has that mineral or nutrition element that you are looking for more concentrated.

To start with some food lists sweet potatoes are really good for potassium which is one of the main electrolytes your body needs, you can add to the list green beans, avocado, spinach, potatoes, and peas. See you got a good variety of food to choose to also replenish your electrolytes.

I have noticed that the day before at night if I take my electrolytes before going to sleep it will travel to my system and since when you sleep your metabolic rate slow down I believe that it will still have an effect the next morning, I can tell you this by experience.

Will salt tablets be a solution?

A person in the gym recommended me this but I had to do my research and base of it it seems it only supply 2 different types of electrolytes which is sodium and chloride. They are important but they aren’t the full spectrum of the electrolytes realm.

You gotta know and remember the body its like a machine and whatever you try to do drastically, expect the body to drastically do something about it because it’s looking for the homeostasis status. It likes to recalibrate a lot of stuff in your body so I guess just like dieting experimenting with minimal doze until you feel its working.

Be careful of not over supplementing because it may end up doing a secondary unwanted effect for a temporal problem. You don’t want to retain water or elevate to much your blood pressure and that’s truly real if you overexaggerate with sodium intake. Instead of helping the body you might be hindered in the long run.

Instead of aiming high consumption for sodium lets try to minimize it to around 2300 mg or less to try to not over ramp it and not interfere with the body mechanics of retaining essential sodium levels. Trust me the body will auto-regulated everything that you have lost on a workout.

Recommended electrolytes supplement

Nuun(https://nuunlife.com/free-shipping?gclid=CjwKCAjwg_fZBRAoEiwAppvp-VJ2ZoCf8G2eBfgX86S62NMyFpFB-LJMXJ8JU3no8SvaOkVrFYr5HBoCXagQAvD_BwE) seems to be a low-calorie safe alternative to replenish electrolyte loses after or before the sports activity. It’s really convenient as it comes in tablet form or powder and different varieties of flavors to kill the monotony.

This is a good replacement for those really heavy sugared beverages like Gatorade because some people have stomach issues they might feel sick if they consume something very sugary. And with only 10 calories per tablet its safe for people like me who are dieting.

I even laugh a bit while reading the review section some fellow actually use this to prevent hangovers and apparently it does work like a charm. But the very wise guy also notice abusing this electrolyte replenish is not healthy at all. I will definitely try this supplement within this giving time due to the fact I do very heavy active workouts and for now, the dieting state that I am approaching it is temporary and won’t be for long.

Also another common trend its to avoid cramping which its a heating issue related and that’s how the body let you know that you are running low on electrolytes. Trust me I suffered from a pull hamstring injury and thankfully I didn’t tear or damage a muscle but I guess I wasn’t hydrating enough and not even stretching enough on my long runs.

It was an experience I won’t desire to anyone my hip lock up, could walk or crawl and the more I screamed the more pain I suffered, thankfully there were people around and help me to calm down. So if you are in a situation like this the best thing you can do is to try to slow your heart rate and deep breathing calming those nerves that are shooting pain.







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  1. This is very informative! I have never been a big science person, but I have always enjoyed it! This site makes me feel like a pro. I know I love to learn, so is there anything you would have me know about electrolytes and exercise? How do these things really work?

    • I really feel like electrolytes comes in to play when you are burning a lot of calories from exercising, lets say in my case its boxing so Its plenty of calories and water that I lose, also when you are dieting this will come in to ply especially while the last stage of your cut weight those last few pounds wont be easy and in some point you will feel exhausted and not even from exercising, I guess its a constant state of stress that your body suffer and I guess this electrolyte stuff into play really well on that period. 

  2. I think that electrolytes are important for anyone but it is just more important for people who live in a hot climate like me. I just actually moved here and I also exercise and go to the gym a lot so I wonder should I consume sodium more than 2300 mg?

    • Well I think about the 2300 mg sodium wont affect you that much unless you need to precisely weight a certain number then you should worry about it , but obviously do take that in consideration since sodium can spike the heart rate , it wont be healthy to go above 3000 mg a day i guess. 

  3. I’m an outdoor guide and I spend an average of at least 7 hours outside every day. While I’m not dieting, because I’m fortunate enough to burn enough calories through work that I don’t really feel I need to worry about it too much (for now), I find that staying hydrated is a big challenge when spending this much time outside and creating a great experience for our guests.

    I recently started adding liquid electrolytes to my water every morning, and I find that I have a lot more energy at the conclusion of my tours when I’m usually “bonking” without them.

    • I am experimenting taking electrolytes at night, so far it has work for me so good. I am like is this real life?

  4. I usually drink coconut water to replenish electrolytes. Growing up on an island, we had coconut water everywhere. So here in the US, it’s still my go to. I usually don’t eat anything specific…I typically find it more convenient to grab a quick drink than to have food for electrolytes.

  5. I recently lost weight but I never knew about electrolytes and how it played a major role in dieting. Also, it’s quite satisfying to know that you could replenish your electrolytes by eating clean food like spinach and peas. because I’ve never been a fan of taking supplements.
    But this was very informative and helpful so thanks !!

  6. Hi Erick,
    I just realized that I never really thought about electrolytes loss because I easily drink my 3-4 liters of water a day, especially on days with a workout so I figured there is no issue.

    I do however have fight with crampings at night after a hard workout sometimes and just thought thats because I overdid it and I just have to life with it… i feel kinda stupid now haha.

    I will read more into those supplements now but do you also have some “normal food” recommendations?

    Thank you in advance


  7. Hi Erick,

    A good review of the need for electrolytes and why we need them. I think that most of these electrolytes can be gained from food sources rather than a supplement.

    Foods such as fish, beans and whole-grain bread. I agree with you sodium is needed, but potassium can also be gained from bananas, this is probably best eaten just after or before a workout.

    The supplement you mention does it have any side effects?


  8. I for myself use a self-made drink to replenish my electrolytes. I boil water with a lemon, a sniff of salt and some honey let it cool down and put it in a bottle in the refrigerator and then I have a good electrolytes drink. What is your opinion about this drink?

  9. I have never considered the importance of electrolytes in my workout.
    Many athletes look at increasing protein or adding supplements to their workout to increase muscle strength and size. But there are certainly some important facts about staying hydrated and the use of electrolytes.
    This was very helpful information and an area I will keep researching further, thanks to your well-researched article.

  10. I think you made some really good points in your article. You laid out all of the facts very nicely. Electrolytes are very important. They are important on and off our diets. Some people don’t pay close attention to electrolytes but they probably should because it is blocking them from their full potential. That’s probably why many people don’t get what they want out of their diets. Great points!

  11. Often times when people go on a diet, they do not necessarily consider how their food consumption or restriction would affect their electrolytes.

    I am not on a specific diet program but when I did my regular semi-annual check up, my serum sodium is on the lower limit (borderline low), low while the others such as K+ and Cl- are normal. I’m wondering if there are fruits or vegetables or some kind of natural remedies I can opt for before taking supplements.


  12. Hi, I read your post on elctrolytes and found it interesting. I did not know sweet potatoes were good for that as I’ve included sweet potatoes and spinach in my diet. What causes you to lose electrolytes? How fast can you gain the amount you need? Is it a slow process or can it be speeded up? Also, what is the average amount you are to have on a continual basis?

    • The cause of electrolyte lose its probably while doing really hard sports activity or exercise, that is why for athletes or people who are extremely lean needs electrolytes.

  13. I definitely need to consider this post.

    I play badminton at a competitive level (provincial/national, hopefully international soon) and us badminton players have extremely intense training. With my own personal additions along with my club training, this could involve sprinting 400/800m laps, running 10km, footwork drills involving lots of jumping, and others. I personally sweat a lot and I don’t think I hydrate myself enough. Nothing bad has happened to me yet but I think it would be wise to keep it that way.

    I’ll take the foods that you recommended into consideration but when I’m in training there’s no time for that. Do you have any drinks other than gatorade/powerade that are sugar free? I don’t like the idea of tablets.

    • Sure food does help but sometimes food it self is not enough to get some of the nutritional content or may requiered to eat an amount of it in order to be efficient .

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