reverse diet plan – Successfully maintain your weight

Eating disorder

Many people seem to don’t have a reverse diet plan after dieting and this can be a setup for a really awful experience. Some people get really motivated after they achieve their weight goal only to go back to how they used to eat thinking that dieting it’s just a quick fix to a bad habit of eating. The reality is that there are a few factors that will be affected during the cutting weight phase and this won’t help you in term of going back eating your “normal calories” again or favorite foods again.Plan reverse diet

This is why I see flexible dieting to be soo much helpful in this situation because it makes dieting a more enjoyable experience and not a forced routine of eating just raw vegetables and healthy when you know deep down inside of you it’s craving for the foods you use to consume. And like most bad habits you cant cut it overnight, it requires a lot of willpower to eventually adjust and little by little you get to become healthier by default. So what are these factors that won’t allow you to eat whatever you want after dieting? Before starting you can click here to check out my past article where I talk about instant results.


Your metabolism will take a huge hit in the process of dieting. It will start to slow down but why? because our body adapts to a certain amount of calories. Let us say I start a cutting phase and I am eating 1000 calories, over the period of time that I will be on that caloric deficit you will start to lose weight obviously, but metabolism will slow down and it will adapt to that amount of calories which is 1000.

What happens when you eat more than a 1000 calories then? What your metabolism cant handle will store it has fat, this why a lot of people quit of trying to diet because they don’t know about this fact and they sell them self-saying then I guess my body type won’t allow me to achieve my dream body. The reality is that your metabolism slowed that it cant process the normal calories you are eating after dieting.

Like, let’s say if I did 1000 calories then after losing 30 pounds I jump out of the gecko to 2000 calories. Your body won’t handle that many calories and it will store it has fat sadly and frustrating and not only that you rebound that weight 3 times faster than when you lose it which is kinda unfair.


Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue but let me warn you this process will even be harder than dieting itself. You wanna know how to fix this problem that took me years to figure it out thanks for some coaching in this aspect? It’s call reverse dieting. Reverse dieting it’s exactly what you are reading, you’re gonna diet but instead of subtracting calories for a weight loss phase, you’re going to be slowly adding calories back to restore your caloric intake and maintain a healthy body weight. Sounds promising right? The only issue here is that it will be a bit harder than cutting weight because while you start slowly adding calories back to your maintenance caloric goal, each week you add it will actually speed up your metabolism plus recovered. So losing weight in this transition it’s still possible. The more your metabolism speed the more the craving will be stronger.

A strong mindset

You must muster this in order to achieve what you’re looking. Especially after dieting for so long time , when you have to keep dieting with another purpose, don’t drop the ball at the end because I guarantee you this journey will be the hardest part and in order for survival in this phase stage of reverse dieting you need to conquer your own worst enemy and that ladies and gentlemen its what will separate the man from the boys the women from girls the fact that you beat your ego mind it will require everything in you in order to make it happen .

I really recommend something that you might consider boring to do but its pretty much the antidote to beat your ego and that call being mindful indulging the present moment not worrying about what if or what happened because if you start listening to your inner doubts because of past experience you are cutting your self short and not giving yourself the opportunity to fail and try again, because to get on my physique that I am currently definitely I failed countless time each failure made me reflect on what factors should I work in the next attempt.

And if you know that you failed to give your self a break from dieting because it is stressful enough. But if you beat your ego mind then I guess you can take a big hit and still moving forward because life its so unpredictable nothing is a linear process. Everything is a mess of jiggling things like atoms, stars, galaxies. There is no straight line in the entire universe. So perfection is a concept of a status that its unreachable. No one in this Earth its perfect accepts that fact, stop judging because of your past experience, be mindful and more at the present moment and trust me many things that you see has a struggle will disappear because it was a perception based on a fake reality you created in your head.

Final thoughts

I hope that what I have said in this article have motivated you somehow and start seeing your journey from a different perspective. Give your self a chance, stop living by your fears I do remember a quote from Michael Jordan: Fear its often enough an illusion.

A lot of successful athletes had to grind and earn their position nothing was giving. Failure has been their measure stick for adjusting along the way this is exactly if you go and get in a bicycle what more important? pedaling? or steering? Because if you stay in the same spot steering with no direction you are going nowhere.

Now if you start pedaling in the bicycle your will eventually move and create momentum and if you’re pedaling in the wrong direction you can what? steer in the right direction but the most important aspect here is action, take some action and responsibilities to change some ways and follow good principle and pretty soon everything you desire will be there.