OYO Personal Gym DoubleFlex – Portable gym

OYO Personal Gym DoubleFlex – Portable gym

Price:  149.95$ (retail)OYO Personal Gym DoubleFlex - Portable gym
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Guarantee:1 year of full warranty
My Rating:8.7 out of 10

This amazing equipment reminds me of one that I did a review early on a couple weeks ago (http://worldwidemusclemen.com/xbar-review) It’s also a great equipment just like this one. OYO(On Your Own) Personal Gym DoubleFlex equipment looks nothing like your average piece of equipment it is really designed to bring consistent resistance towards the whole range of motion that includes the negative portion of the exercise.

Imagine you are doing a push up right, and you feel the resistance of the gravity right when you start pushing towards the ceiling but have you ever felt a resistance going the way down of a push-up. This will essentially increase the efficient on the exercise no matter what because now you have two frames or 100% of the exercise is with a linear resistance allowing for a more productive workout.

So whats the whole package?

  • It comes with 3 spiral disks that each one you add to the device will at a resistance of 5 to 10 pounds, so its 2 disks of 10 pounds and 1 disk for 5 pounds resistance.
  • Leg attachments. It comes with adjustable straps so you can perform various legs exercises, its manufactured to put on your ankles that’s the way they were designed.
  • Door attachment. Pretty self-explanatory but this will actually increase the variety of exercises you can perform while using your bodyweight.
  • Workout Dvd. Instructed workout DVD guided for any type of fitness level.

Its portable no joke

This piece of equipment weight around 2 pounds to carry, this insane. So how are you gonna expect to have a hard time with a equipment that weight around 2 pounds? Well, the answers rely on how the spiral weights work and how it brings more efficiency towards the whole range of motion. So the spiral flex which is the little attachable weight disks attachment its what put the device to work towards building tension on both ways of the exercise which is really fascinating. Also by doing this, it eliminates the hazard of getting injured with free weights because free weights build momentum and that carried momentum with an improper form can lead to cause you an injury or a muscle tear which its definitely so painful.

Their site offer exercise charts

It gives you a poster like a chart with 75 exercise in total to do with this device. From core to arms to legs you name it it has a range variety to perform some of the toughest exercises out there  and for beginners there is plenty to so don’t get intimidated and give your self a chances to try this exercise with the difference in factor would be that the device will bring more efficiency to those hard exercises already.

This device comes from the Bowflex company so expect some really good exercise routines along the way. But make sure you put the effort to see the results too, it might have the most difficult to the basics on exercises but you gotta find your current level of fitness and try to push it even further.

It targets primarily to senior citizens

Because of this technology that was brought from NASA apparently, they use it in there for more than a decade to now transitioned to a work out a device it’s so awesome. Because now you have one of the safest workout devices out there to perform no matter what age you are. This will help you keep strong and healthier at that age and live longer of course. This the reason why this piece of equipment was born in the first place.

Spiral Resistance technology

They conducted a study for the period of 16 weeks to compare the results that brings free weights vs the spiral flex and both group achieve physical enhancement as well increasing muscle mass which is very beneficial for burning more calories, remember every pound of extra muscle lean you can easily burn 50 to 70 calories more than the average joe. And there for more efficient when trying to cutting weight.

Also, I forgot to point out the creator of this device is related to NASA and the iconic Bowflex revolutionary gym machine, its backed by quality in order words.  So by NASA, this project was also involved because imagine how the astronauts are gonna train their body to maintain a healthy body composition with zero gravity? Exactly weights wouldn’t even do the job done, they needed something that provided resistance and they came with technology to keep a healthy bone density and well a healthy muscle mass while being months in zero gravity. On the contrary, free weights have some safety issues lie for example losing balance that will inevitably result in an injury.

Also, you might also try carrying that dumbbell to the airport and see how convenient it is or to also be looking on a gym to spend on that area that you are traveling. I am not saying this will actually replace a gym of course not but it will give you convenience.

Its like when dieting for me the most convenient thing to do it to cook in bulk on a free day because most of my days I am really busy working on two jobs plus maintaining this site also requires a chunk of time. By being convenient and productive you get more versatile in a situation and adapt to overcome the odds.

Final thoughts

I stumble with this piece of equipment searching for the most revolutionary fitness equipment out there. This looks pretty convincing knowing that they put a really good amount of time designing the mechanism of this device and plus make its way safer than free weights which are another good plus for longevity, remember guys fitness its a lifestyle and longevity really does matter for your own health and to be more effective also.

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10 thoughts on “OYO Personal Gym DoubleFlex – Portable gym”

  1. This looks like exactly what I was looking for. I don’t like overcrowded Gyms or even undercrowded Gyms.

    Having my own Personal Doubleflex Gym is the perfect alternative for me! It looks so versatile and easy to use as well!

    Thank you for providing such detailed information in this review!

    • Having the luxury of the double-flex its definitely beneficial to save time , thanks for reading my review. 

  2. This is really cool. Me and my wife just recently committed to getting our bodies in shape before the end of the summer.
    We bought a gym membership and everything. But the gym is always very crowded so we decided to make our own gym at home so we can work out on our time with little distractions.
    Right now were just looking for equipment that will help us and not to complicated. This fits right into that category and definitely going to check this out. Great review, very helpful.

    • Ah glad I help with your fitness endevour , just like anything in life the more consistent you are you will get better at it. 

  3. I noticed you mentioned this is good for senior citizens. I’m not quite a senior citizen yet, but do you mean it has low-impact?

    Due to previous injuries I get my cardio on an elliptical now. So I’m looking for low-impact.

    Does this piece of equipment come with a money-back period so I can try it? If so- what is the money-back period?

    • Exactly, because this artifact was design for a linear type of resistance rather then when on a free weight its way more riskier due to the fact that you need to stabilize the weight and a bad swing or momentum can actually result catastrophic injury. 

  4. Thanks for creating a review for the unique piece of exercise equipment; I’ve never seen anything like it before!

    Have you tried it yourself? If so, what would you say if your favourite part about it and something that you’d change if you could?

    Also, I noticed the rating of 8.7/10; how did you come to that rating?

    • Well the reason why I come up with 8.7 its because I like to be more accurate on the rating value rather then just a plain number, ah that’s just me , and yes I have tried is pretty awesome because that mechanism that this artifact has at the negative of the exercise its something i never felt before. 

  5. The OVO Doubleflex looks a little crazy…just crazy enough to work!

    The only thing I am worried about is the potential for bruising. It looks like some of the workout moves have you pressing one end into your shoulder or chest. Do you know if that causes any problems with bruising?

    Also, any idea what the warranty is on this product? I think I would be a little concerned about those cables wearing out.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Yes there are some exercise that I personally see a potential for bruising, like the bicep curl on that thing it feels a bit awkward but it still delivers a linear resistance none the less. 

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