My fitness pal calorie counter – Amazing tool for tracking macros

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My fitness pal it’s a marvelous calorie counter that will help you keep track on a daily basis your food intake. This application will give you some good goals to start on the aspect of dieting and nutrition. It’s one of the most popular apps out there used by multiple coaches to ensure to track their daily intake.

Also, share with others what type of food they take. You can also track what type of exercise you’re doing and how many calories you have burned although I really don’t believe in calorie burns food compensation. Here are some of the features of this application.


Thru this application there are multiple posts of different kind of recipes so you can mix it up and always try something new if you are not like me who constantly eat the same food while dieting( it makes it easier for me )Also you can make new friends it’s like a platform like Facebook but for dieters. With that in mind, you can create a new relationship and help each other or have some tips on a certain aspect of dieting or any type of other recommendations.


Meal Ideas

This section categories a lot of option to aim for like breakfast ideas how to start a different way your morning. Low carbs ideas for those with a strict budget on calories. 350 calories ideas to aim for that caloric number. Meal prep ideas essentially for those who have little time to take a break and cook just meal prep most of your meals in one bulk section it will help you to stay more consistent by the way. No cook ideas basically a bunch of different salads.



Exercise tracker

With a wide range of over 300 exercises to choose from, you can track how many calories or have an estimate of how much you’re burning towards the day. Like I said I don’t believe in a recompensation system that would allow you to eat more food if you burn more, seems logical right?

For example, I’m in a boxing gym and hit the bag for 45 minutes straights, all it takes to search on the exercise category on the app which will give you 2 options Cardiovascular exercises or strength exercises. According to the app 45 minutes hitting the punching bag, it’s an estimate of 418 calories burned per session.

The reality is that your body it’s like a machine and if you don’t put the x amount of calories that need everyone genetics are different. Some like me require dieting to be extremely lean others has the privilege to eat more and still look lean, don’t get frustrated because you are not genetically blessed that’s not the issue. Just stick with your numbers and you will be fine.

Calorie Counter

For me this is the essential part of this application, it will save you so much time to figure it out and put what have you eat in a paper sheet to then do all the subtraction and adding numbers by your own it’s really not a fun place to be. This application will solve that and has a matter of fact it’s a mobile phone application. So if you ever wonder you can eat in a restaurant while dieting now you can.

This is such much relieve for those don’t wanna deny social activity like going out to eat with friends and family. This site will take you to what are you goals page question, basically yo give your weight and height information and how active of a person you are so that it can estimate and set a calorie goal for your diary.

The only problem people might get lost the first few days using this app because once you open the diary everything is empty and it can be a bit overwhelming when you just have to search the food in their search engine and look for the portion you’re taking.


This is where the community will post some motivational workouts so you can throw it on the mix. Also, a lot of inspirational stories so you might found identify with one of the members of the community with their success and approach to dieting and exercise.


The app will give you the freedom to log in any kind of food even if you don’t have internet connection has long you had chosen that food before. It’s very versatile so you can change your plan of the day anytime with no difficulty at all. It will give you that guilty free sensation ones you have tracking everything knowing that you’re hitting your goal on a consistent basis.



Very tedious to use at the beginning. It will take a learning curve to navigate towards the quantity you’re aiming but if you really want to lose weight and not waste your money on a coach I’m pretty sure you will be open about to learn how to deal this issue, after all, there’s more positive then negative using this convenient tool that will easily help you track your steps that you’re taking on your diet.

Do I recommend it?

It’s a clear yes, bringing a lot of factors to the table and the convenience of tracking your calories on the go it’s brilliant. It’s gone so well with flexible dieting so you can adjust whatever you need to change with no hesitation. The information of the Macronutrients for each food it’s on point and easy to read since it also is divided by graphical charts on a small circle with 3 different colors.

So when you see a recipe and in that little graph you see it has more of color red it’s aiming at protein. With a little of time you will get used to these applications and find great benefits like: be more consistent and by that fact then you know what to adjust on the diet so you can see the results you have ever want to. Everyone has different goals nothing will be the same there is no one plan method to cut weight, everyone has different genetics, therefore, consistency it’s the key to experiment with adjusting.