lung cancer symptoms women – Can fitness help?

lung cancer symptoms women – Can fitness help?


Unfortunately, cancer in the lungs is one of the most diagnosed cases related to cancer. Just by thinking common knowledge I think this can be related directly to a bad habit of smoking cigarettes in an unhealthy manner. Not always is the case but maybe also the environment which the person is exposed can also be another determining factor.

Your chances to survive this type of cancer is when you treat it at an early stage category 1 or 2, 3 and 4 might be too late as the cancer cells already spread towards the body and in most cases this where chemotherapy comes in to play. Being a witness of this therapy its a horror movie in real life. Have you see your loved one get weaker and weaker and often I keep asking my self is the chemo actually helping or killing the person.


Early potential symptoms



If you have a cough more then 2 weeks, if your voice sounds a bit different or even coughing blood you should make an appointment to a local doctor so he can hear your lungs and give you some X-rays to determine if this is actually cancer. It is not always the case for me I had a sinus cold and I felt wind out with some of the workouts that I usually don’t struggle.

Dropping unexpected weight can also be a good warning since the cancer cells tend to use your body fat or muscle as the fuel you should keep an eye on that too. Chest X rays won’t guarantee you detecting these cancerous cells but some of the CT scans can actually help you against this cancerous cells. Apparently gives you around 20% more chance of survival according to a scientific study in 2011.


Can exercise help?


Believe it or not, most of the cancer cases are caused by sedentary activity and obesity including how we feed our body. If we heavily expose our body to toxic food don’t expect anything positive to happen. We must be smart about this since our body is like a vehicle like a car it needs fuel. It needs patience too soo part of it is how you eat and how you exercise.


I know some people will struggle so hard to do exercise due to the fact that they have an extremely busy lifestyle. But I think nothing is impossible once you start with the right motivation and keep striving even if we do a couple of mistakes while starting.

The goal here is to at least have 30-minute workout around 4 to 5 times per week.



We gotta put a conscious effort that cancer is linked with being obese and I am not saying this to target them and make them feel ashamed, the goal here is to create awareness and that’s is never too late to start a healthier lifestyle. Changes don’t happen from one day to another so you need time to develop a healthy habit and don’t beat up your self if you find that you keep messing with your diet or keep doing the same mistake, eventually along the way you will figure it out what’s best for you to stay on top of your self and deal with your mistakes which aren’t a big deal.



Most of the struggle, in my opinion, start on the mind, when the mind suggests to eat something unhealthy and the though gets stronger if you go against it with your will. Sometimes what I would do is mess up on purpose so that next day I can restart and not stress about it anymore.


 Sometimes this is our mistake that we don’t listen to our mind and as a result, the danger of this is to get stuck in a cycle of regret because you keep feeling guilty with your actions. Once you learn to talk your self over this I feel like it will be easier eventually to deal with cravings.

I do suggest that don’t transition right away everything into a healthy lifestyle of eating, start slowly adding more healthier choices on the gecko.


Some super foods that will help against any cancer


Chia seeds – This seed has some good antioxidant property that goes against the cardiovascular type of cancer. Studies show that the seeds helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and may also improve your cardiovascular system along the way.
Manuka honey– Some people have a hard time taking radiotherapy to deal with cancer, this superfood has antibacterial properties and its recommended for people suffering wounds from radiotherapy. Any wound can potentially be infected just to let that clear. However, be cautious with this especially if you suffer from diabetes it will spike the blood pressure up so Isn’t bad it is in moderation also some of the properties that have the honey will interfere with some medicines against cancer out there.
Oatmeal – We can’t ignore there is a common denominator on these superfoods, most of them have antioxidant properties that will help your immune system to be on a healthier way. For me, this change was a bit rough since I loved eating cereal with my protein shake every morning but I know that along the way it will play well in the future, a good investment for your body for sure. 



I target the women in specific in this topic because they have more tendencies to fall under this type of cancer whether she smokes or not. Still, this information is still relative to anyone who is struggling with cancer out there. I personally haven’t deal with cancer but I had lost people because of it and we gotta make a conscious effort too that they need to do whatever it takes to survive.

Not everyone will have a second chance with a disease like this one. Even if you don’t have cancer the urge to get on a healthy lifestyle is important because we can’t ignore the fact that we know what might cause it and still do the same unhealthy routine along the way. Some times you need a reality check to do change before it’s too late don’t let cancer catch you unprevented.






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