losing weight intermittent fasting- Does it actually work

losing weight intermittent fasting- Does it actually work

Losing weight while intermittent fasting it is quite possible, but I do feel that people give a lot of credit on just basely cause of fasting and no other factor that actually comes into play. While fasting it’s pretty much convenient for people who are busier and not quite have the time to eat 6 meals in a day this is a good solution to that problem. Here are some ideas that will contribute to this topic of losing weight intermittent fasting.

Starvation mode myth

Its a belief that if you go on a large period of hours fasting it can cause your body to shut down your metabolism because it’s on a survival mode and knowing your body will be osmosis or like to preserve a good status, meaning that your body will adapt no matter what. The real truth about this effect is when you are in a large frame period dieting, your metabolism will slow down in the progress that inevitable, that’s why a lot of people tend to gain 3 times faster the weight they lost, in fact here is an article I wrote no so long ago giving you an idea how to prevent this issue.


Meal frequency myth

It is said that you need to eat around 6 times a week in order to speed up your metabolism. This is totally wrong and not a must. Lets say you eat 6 meals and each one contains 500 calories, there is a thermic effect because your body is using kcal to digest the nutrients and its around 10% of your total intake, so it doesn’t matter if you eat 6 meals of 500 calories or 3 meals of 1000 calories the thermic effect will still consume 10% of 3000 calories on total.

Meal frequency meat has been there for a long time, but that doesn’t mean its actually a fact that it must be this way, after all even tho this website its based of flexible dieting I am open minded also and acknowledge that there is more than one way to get to the same destination whether you are bulking or shredding fat.

Be mindful while eating

This is a huge factor I got to point out, and you might ask your self why? Because our mind its pretty much one of the biggest factor to sabotage a diet. Have you ever heard that inner dialogue when you screw your diet just by a small scale and all the sudden your mind encourage you to keep cheating on that day because you already screw up or that the fact that it will tell you that you deserve it and then the next day your mind will be full of regrets and start stressing out of our mistakes.

Well my friend this is why our number one battle its against our self, when we detach from a certain way of thinking and start to realize that those thoughts don’t represent the actual reality, this where meditation can help you training on detaching from this in order to have any success at dieting or other stuff related. By eating mindfully you will constantly ask your self, am I eating because of actual hunger or am I eating because of stress.

Does intermit fasting by itself will work?

The simple answer is absolutely not if you tackle intermittent fasting as a window of an excuse to eat more then before then chances are you are not gonna see the benefits from this dieting technique. The most important aspect of the diet it is your calories intake and in my case my macronutrients as they will dictate my body composition. Check out this article I wrote for setting your calories intake. http://worldwidemusclemen.com/flexible-dieting-macros-is-it-hard-to-figure-it-out

The goal on any diet is calorie restriction and intermittent fasting will give you an edge n the satisfaction side, why you say? Because by eating less frequent but a huge meal, in my opinion, will satisfy your cravings towards the amount you would actually like vs the amount its limited because of calories on a specific meal. I recommend that you eat your bigger meal when you actually feel that your craving it most on the day and for that s lunch.

My breakfast ain’t that satisfying 2 greek yogurts and a protein shake that’s it. but I know during the lunchtime I am gonna enjoy eating rice, chicken with vegetables, a burger yes I said that clear, a snickerdoodle cookie and a coffee. Pretty much way better than my breakfast right? Well, that’s because I have already structured my meal plan to be that way. So at the end of the day what matter is that you are hitting your numbers right and macronutrient in order to achieve your body composition you are looking for.

Meal preparation is key

You may ask why? During the period you are fasting a lot of you will be thinking what to eat, and believe me what will pop up in your mind that instance its the food that you mostly crave towards and will lead you to a binge streak if you don’t control it. Don’t let your mind high jack your plan, instead already have that meal that you support to eat reducing the chances of overeating and having an estimate idea that you won’t end up on a surplus causing you know weight gain.

Also drinking a lot of water will reduce the chance of binging I think for some reason If you’re dieting for a long time and you are entering in that zone where you will be 10% below body fat chances are your cravings for the food you miss are gonna increase, and I always ask my self-am I hungry or dehydrated. Chances are if you’re dehydrated your body might crave carbohydrates and it does happen to me.

To reduce this window of opportunity to ruin your day drink plenty of water make sure you chug a whole gallon and I am not kidding. I don’t think there any side effect for drinking water after all its zero calories, right?


I thought to put this video for you guys so you heard from Chris founder of thenx.com and his approach on intermittent fasting.