instant results workout – Is it possible?

instant results workout – Is it possible?


Usually, when people see a tv commercial of a fitness machine and often enough they pay a fitness model to represent that product, we often think those are instant results workout that we are getting advertise take it has true because most of us are visual in term of getting the information that way. Heres a legitimate machine that will actually make you look good if you have an idea what you are getting to.

instant results workout - Is it possible?


The cruel reality is that I don’t think there is a fasted route naturally, maybe for those who are starting to hit the gym at a young age let say 18 , the first few years if they are consistent they will see an explosive results from time to time , if they are dedicated and discipline they might see results in less then 4 months and I am not kidding. Genetics plays a good role in it especially when it about your muscle structure.

You cant simply change that, it is how you were born with it just like your face, it won’t change unless surgery. What I can propose are some sports that might accelerate your process but I think its just safe to say there is no easy road down the path. Heres a page from one of my inspiration that will help you educate you in term of nutrition.

Boxing Workout

Going into the sport of boxing it’s really excellent for cardiovascular strengthening and also mental strength. Why mental? because you gotta deal with the stress of being hit and hit another person without hesitation and especially at the beginning stages one really fatigues because of this factor, I been training for 4 years in this area and I haven’t touched a weigh to workout, mainly because I want to be loose and ready to strike and not sluggish which what would cause if I start weight lifting again.


The classic goes to the gym a lift some metal. This is actually a sport too and competitively but the end results will always end on a judging panel. So a lot of people have entered in this stage and have transformed their life especially bad eating habits that they used to do and adopted a new way of approach with their diet whether it is flexible dieting or keto or Atkins or even vegetarian.

Focusing on getting enough protein and protein not only repairs muscle but skin hair etc. Now I am not saying jump on steroids out of the gecko because at the end this will harm you more then it will benefit you, I say start like me learn the very fundamental aspects of the compound movements because their movements will ensure you to involve a large muscle group than doing a bicep curl.

Start also dieting if you want those TV advertised bodies , I still remember that day I saw the Bowflex commercial for the first time and guess what I was sell and thought that the machine will give you those results, but its like a tool to achieve that body you desire and the tool by itself is not the whole puzzle.


Pretty much the one sport that requires no equipment and you can do it anywhere as long you got space where to run obviously. Running is mentally though too because for those serious marathoners out there you gotta run easily more than 8 miles without taking a break. It has great benefits for all the other sports since you are strengthening your mental aspect of not quitting before hitting a certain distance.

Of course, you won’t hit 8 miles that easily it requires a lot of willpower and positive mindset because I will tell you from experience running that long will hurt a lot especially your lungs and heart are the one to feel stress in this exercise. But think about it has weightlifting for these two organs, that famous quote no pain no gain its exactly apply here too. It might hurt a lot today but If you don’t quit and continue to persevere you will be amazed that this resilient aspect will serve you for everything you tackle in this life.


Calisthenics is really challenging in their own way. The more you are into it the more you want to achieve difficult balancing exercise that will inevitably build your body. Start your fundamentals and work your way to conquer more difficult exercises lets say for the legs you are gonna start doing normal squats but you are going to work your way on to possibly doing a piston squat which I my self-haven’t even has gotten to do yet.

Detour Detour Bar (Low Sugar) – Box of 12 Chocolate Chip Caramel

Detour Detour Bar (Low Sugar) - Box of 12 Chocolate Chip Caramel

That’s a statement that bodyweight exercises aren’t boring and always challenge you to step your game in a different unique way. What about a muscle up have you ever tried before? It looks like a cake walk for those who have done it multiple times but there is a learning curve for it believe it or not. It involves technique to actually perform that exercise.

Don’t fell into advertising

Especially if is on TV chance are they invented the machine to make money and not bringing you results but that’s the majority of the cases that are some legitimate programs out there that sell like p-90x anyone remember that one? I believe that one will work. but most are scams but they are eye-catching because how they market it has a solution to people bad habits that have been taken years on their life.

We cant expect to change a bad habit with a pill it won’t and it will never work. It all started with being conscious of your decisions you are taking how are you approaching your goal, are you failing enough to realize its time to try something else? I have been in that stage of clueless where to start on dieting, I know this process suck but its necessary to fall and learn how we catch our self in the way.

We cant expect unrealistic results with a really mediocre work it comes from grinding and respecting the grind. Because I will guarantee you it will be painful but you are stretching everything about you in this life I want you to take your life as seriously you would ever have, that way with accomplishing your physique you built not only that but an inner strength and confidence level that you never thought you ever had. Any question feel free to ask about how I tackle my fitness goals.






12 thoughts on “instant results workout – Is it possible?”

  1. Great post and thanks for sharing Erick!

    I definitely agree that infomercials are very misleading. It is very easy for someone who does not have the fundamental understanding of diet and exercise, to think that simply purchasing a bowflex will resolve all their problems.

    I am a big fan of weight lifting however, I used to do a lot of martial arts training and understand the cardiovascular difference between the two.

    If someone was short on time, What type of exercises would you recommend they do at home?

    • Well depending on their goals, if it weight loss I recommend doing high intensity type of work out and their is alot of these that you can do on your conform of your home. 

  2. Yes, a lot of these commercials are scams. It is such a shame that you hear about people messing up their metabolism and their bodies simply because they want to get healthy.

    There are a lot of things that you can do to get in shape. I was watching this guy on youtube who said that he did a 20 minute a day calisthenic exercise because he said that his goal was simply to be strong and healthy, not huge. He wasn’t all that into fitness and didn’t want to dedicate hours to working out. It seemed to be working for him.

    I think that people need to have reasonable expectations and patience when it comes to working out. They may not see immediate results, but as long as they keep at it they will see something.

    • Agreed, everything takes discipline time, dedication as long as you do it with the intention of bettering your self, not for anyone else, not for the girls just because you decided to make the change, and approach it a good plan of action I guarantee there will be results. 

  3. Hi! Thank you for sharing this awesome information!
    I agree with you that be ‘mentally’ ready is as important as physical. We have to be strong and patient, and not misguided by the ads and end up buying useless stuff.
    I really want to try boxing. What do you recommend for beginners? I have no experience. I only lift weights and play basketball now.


    • Ok , if you wanna try boxing for workout try finding a local gym its so worthy to be part of a community that do the same sport, if you cant I am pretty sure there are plenty of drill on or google the fundamentals of boxing, How to stand properly, how to deliver that jab which is the first punch you will try to master.

  4. I think that I can start doing Calisthenics. It looks quite interesting. However I really don’t have a good balance and I really can’t use my hands well for this stuff. I am basically a complete newbie. I wonder how long it takes to get to intermediate level at this. What do you think?

    • Depending the effort you are putting on , you can be an intermediate level but it will still require time and patience, just like any sport that you wanna get good practicing it. You need a solid fundamental and after that I am pretty sure your progress will be noticeable keep going and don’t quit. 

  5. I haven’t tried boxing, but I’ve done the weight lifting and running, and to a certain extent, calisthenics. I can see where boxing would be good because it works out pretty much all the muscle groups while improving your cardio at the same time. At my age, though, I don’t want to box.
    My workout of choice right now is cycling. It’s mostly cardio, but i really enjoy it. I need to work in some upper body exercise too, though, because cycling is all about the legs.
    I agree with you, Erick, that it’s way unrealistic to expect instant results. The body just doesn’t work that way. Thanks

  6. Hi,
    Interesting article there are so many misleading adverts out there encouraging people to buy things that are not going to get them in shape.
    The bottom line is you have to workout at something you enjoy doing and eat a good all round diet with plenty of protein carbs and good fats.

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