How to track calories

The fundamental part of dieting it’s exactly how to track calories from your daily intake. Without doing this you won’t be able to measure a targeted goal which most people aim for weight loss in this case. The good news if you allow me to take part of your journey I will be taking care of this variable, there is no such thing as a magic caloric number but there are certain ways to determine this quantity which I am gonna be revealing in continuation.

Maintenance calories

This number would be ideal to use for a person who is learning how to track calories. Because it will be the amount to support your BMR (basal metabolic rate) which is the vital energy your body use for most of your organs for example breathing.

Hypothetically talking is the number of calories you need to maintain your body warm on a bed without doing any activity at all. Overall is just a number to maintain your current weight and depending on your physical activity this might change. In my case, I used to be weight lifting and doing cardio but I stopped weight lifting is the fact that I am currently practicing boxing which is really demanding for calories so my maintenance calories could be your surplus which I am going to explain next.

Surplus calories

This quantity of calories is for the person who you heard they got a really fast metabolism and they claim they can eat whatever and not gain weight. I absolutely doubt because there is no doubt about that if a person follows this quantity consistently on a weekly basis chance are they are going to gain weight because they are at a surplus a bit more than their maintenance caloric state. This is an ideal state for those competitor bodybuilders that are looking to be on an off-season stage where they are targeting gaining muscle while being on a caloric surplus. So many people overdo this one and is not ideal to gain body fat since that hinder the progress of cutting that weight back, what would be ideal approach to it is to gain body fat at a really slow rate that way you maximize your benefit of gaining muscle and less fat and it would be less stressful once you jump back on the deficit.

Deficit calories

Now, this number is for the brave ones who are trying to lose weight. I’ll recommend that you incorporate cardio and weight routines or any kind of sport to support a deficit so that you make sure you’re below maintenance calories and you’re forcing your body on a stressful state which ultimately is to lose weight and ideally not gaining it back. You gotta be real careful if you’re aiming a long-term caloric deficit, just telling you via experience especially if your a man your sexual drive might suffer for being too long on a caloric deficit it’s a small token to pay because in the next topic I will explain there is an exit without losing your effort of after dieting.

Your metabolic rate will slow down and your body will adapt to a certain quantity of food. That’s why unfortunately some people including me suffered from gain weight more rapidly than losing in it because we didn’t take that fact into consideration.

Reverse Dieting

Now this one might raise a few eyebrows because it’s a term it’s barely used in fact if reverse dieting was a mainstreamed concept on the fitness industries it won’t help since you’re giving the solution to escape the yo-yo dieting where they make people come back follow a one dimensional plan lose weight, gain it back so that later they return to some coach to apply some one dimensional path and do profit on it without caring the health of the client.

Not taking in consideration that they might end up metabolically damage but they keep stressing and subtracting more of their intake to see results rather than wait for them to recover and have them be on a healthy quantity of calories which the body needs to perform well. This type of one-dimensional coach is where I am against it and they should have a bit of decency to put their client’s health rather than to win a plastic trophy and a mediocre amount of money considering that that person paid more than what his gonna win on a fitness competition.

Reverse dieting is ideally to increase your intake slowly weekly while tracking how your body reacts and your weight fluctuation conduct. If the weight is getting stable time to add more calories on a week but trust me this process is even harder than dieting itself but so worthy because if you follow correctly the protocol chances are you’re going to maintain your weight that you work for it and also recovered and consume even higher caloric intake than before. Stick to the plan and you will be rewarded.

Final thoughts

I’m trying to educate the people who haven’t even seen this, trust me I been there with the deer on the light froze not knowing which direction to take since there are so many ways to dieting, in my firm believe there’s no right or wrong diet just pick one that suits you best.

In my case I had to go on a flexible diet because it allows me to once in a while eat a treat for a that hard work of putting consistency and I don’t believe in super food but your super food could be that candy bar you always crave and if it fits your calories you won’t have that guilty pleasure to enjoy in fact it will be part of the diet and it will make you stick with it since you’re rewarding a bit of the portion of most your calories for this reason and for your mental sanity.

It won’t feel forced and after all yes you can go eat with your family not worrying that most on the menu of that restaurant you won’t take part on.

Approach it with caution and if you screw one day is no game over there is the next day so you reflect on your mistake and continue to strive after all I am offering you a lifestyle so that you can have both (enjoy your food and look the way you wanted, whoever thought that was possible, I didn’t have a clue when I started my journey into this.




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