How to stop binge eating at night – Its there actually a solution?

How to stop binge eating at night – Its there actually a solution?

A lot of people have been in this situation including my self. I constantly wake up in the middle of the night wondering what can I eat on the fridge giving my self an excuse in the back of my mind that because I was really active working outside that it wouldn’t be bad for me just to get a little bit of what I like, to tell you the truth the next day I felt horrible because I felt like I broke my commitment to the diet and at the same time I black out with no consciousness while binge eating at night.

So a lot of you are asking this question: how to stop binge eating at night. It’s not gonna be a straightforward solution because it will take time to leave a bad habit and eventually this will stop just like dealing with any type of addiction. Below I’m gonna try to suggest some ideas that might help in dealing with this craving so hopefully, you can achieve your weight loss goal.

Identify what’s triggering your cravings at night

Its easier said then done but the reality is that if you can point out what’s causing this behavior the easier it will be to implement the other suggestions. This reminded me of my best friend who at the time had a lot of emotional issues and to deal with it he found that food actually gives him a stress relief from reality. But at the end of this temporary issue, he found himself another big one that’s actually he was gaining weight and had no control what so ever.

Well, the truth of the matter is that our mind is without a doubt the most common denominator of this situation because its the one who suggest eating a lot of sugary things to actually shoot dopamine in our brain and feel good, same with a drug addiction or alcohol its to get that dopamine started. There’s another problem is that we develop tolerance to whatever input is triggering dopamine and this will cause in a bigger binge in the future leading to eating disorder.

Drink plenty of water

This really sounds so simple yet so effective. The way I utilize this method is that I always ask my self who is hungry my mind or my stomach? Of course, this process becomes easier if you practice self-awareness and constantly check your body sensations and how it feels.

Meditation is key here especially in the term of the body scan, it will really be challenging and a bit tedious at first but man o man this will be a huge tool to successfully stay on track with your calories.  So of course if I ask my self and the answer is my mind is hungry, what do you think I will do? chuck plenty of water until I feel full. You will be surprised how easier it will become and how easier it will be to drink a lot of water.

Replace the food that triggers the binge eating

In this case, I will give you an example that I was suffering from when I try to implement peanut butter or just peanuts in my diet. I weigh in a suggested portion that would fit my macros and actually have peanut butter. But sometimes I wasn’t really successful and start blacking out and eating a bit more and a bit more, eventually leading me to eat the whole pot of peanut butter.

And the reason, why I felt I did this, was because I was feeling stressful on the diet regimen especially if it been for a really long time and I am talking about months into dieting. And because our metabolism adapts to our input of calories, in this case, I was mostly on the time on a deficit. So eating a pot of peanut butter automatically put me into a surplus and also causing me to gain weight because all the surplus calories that I was putting in the body wasn’t able to metabolize it.

Schedule your meals

This one is a big one because it will actually make you a more consistent person tracking a eating the same portion of calories towards the day. If you plan ahead chances are you won’t end up eating something that will trigger a bingeing habit. Also, plan your days off dieting, this is really essential since it will give you a mental break and feels like a gratification day of hard work instead of binge eating multiple time.

This will actually help but be careful I found a tendency that after my cheat day I get hungrier than usual. So I always look it up as a challenge after that day to actually stick with what I already plan because I know eventually it will work. Also if you know what you actually going to eat must of the day and keep a portion of your self where you can have something different so it doesn’t feel so monotone and very tiring on being on a diet.

This what I actually do every month, I divided the month into 3 sessions each 10th day I will plan my cheat meal, so let say its October 1 and I started dieting but on October 10th I will have a break from it and then keep dieting until October 20th and so on. This has been hard at the beginning because I wasn’t used to dieting 9 days straight but the more you do it the more it becomes a habit and the easier it will become.

So is there is actually a solution?

The obvious answer is yes there is but just like everything it will take time to know your self-whats work best for you. Everyone is different and you can’t expect that a cookie cutter plan will actually work 100 percent with everyone when in reality everyone its so different, their habits their favorite food their metabolism there is a lot to consider at the end of the day , there is just nothing like one color everything has its own color and frequency.





10 thoughts on “How to stop binge eating at night – Its there actually a solution?”

  1. This is something for my wife, she is constantly hungry, even in the night, then she decidesshe wants taco’s or something which has lots of fat in it. Even thought I tell her it is unhealthy, still she wants.

    I already told her she has to eat more during the day, since she is always busy doing something and forgetting to eat.

    However, this is a great article, and I will show her, and i’m pretty sure she will think twice about it.

  2. Hey Erick, excellent post. Let me ask you something; are you psychic, it’s like your article was speaking directly to me and knew exactly where to hit in order to make me think like “wow, this article is talking right directly to me”. 

    I kid, but I like your article; I’m guilty of eating after hours “snacking” if you will. Personally, it’s something that I’ve started long ago and I do feel a little guilty for doing it sometimes but I feel like your article is very helpful in making people see that they can stop binge eating if they really wanted to; they have to choose a method for them. Excellent work

    • Haha no I am not a physic but I am talking with experience because I been thru this already so I am sharing my advice that might help others to have a better understanding on whats going on. 

  3. I really think that this one very bad habit and it is difficult to get rid of that. I know that from my own experience. I found your advises to very helpful especially that about drinking a lot water. We often eat even when we are not hungry and water can fulfill our stomach and get us saturated.

  4. Thanks for the information. I’ve found I end up eating more when I’m bored. I just start snacking while watching a movie and before I know it I’ve gone through a whole bag of chips. Replacing junk food with healthier snacks and drinking lots of water certainly helped. I’ve also found that staying mentally active with games or puzzles helps. 

  5. In context of dieting, I think the binge eating issue is related to the mind and the focus on calories and macros. I don’t think that leads to a healthy relationship with food. I did the Whole30 restrictive diet last year. Under Whole30, for 30 days, I did not weigh myself, count calories or macros. There was no need to do so because of the dietary limitations as to what I could eat. No dairy, no grains, no legumes, no alcohol, no sugars of any kind, etc. The good news was I could eat bacon! So my “go to” breakfast was bacon, fried eggs, and sauteed spinach. Whole30 is essentially a keto diet. One of the things I noticed was that all my food cravings disappeared. Besides losing weight, I felt much better and slept soundly.

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