how to stay on a healthy diet – changing your perspective

how to stay on a healthy diet – changing your perspective

I got a light bulb to share today, well it all started to be more clear to me when I did something that I had to cut weight drastically for a fight so in order to do that I had to dehydrate my self and cut how much liquid intake I been doing. This where I realize this idea that pop out of nowhere which it’s really basic to see. Ask your self if you were in a dessert and they give you a dry cookie or a watermelon what would you choose?

Well if you’re dehydrated I bet you most of you would not hesitate to eat the watermelon at all. So my point is this perspective can be applied whenever you want. So before thinking about eating something that its really high on calorie ask your self does it has water in it? If not chances are is not that healthy. So below I am gonna give you some advice on how to approach your diet differently so it can help you towards your journey.

Structuring your meal plan

Structuring how you are going to do all your meals or when or time can be really important after all you’re the only one who knows you very well. From what food makes you binge to what time you feel more hungrier this is where you can create an actual strategy to be able to time all your food that will satisfy the most at a specific time.

So let’s say in my case I can’t buy peanut butter, I really can’t, no matter how I try to moderate how much intake I always end up binging the whole jar. Knowing that happen instead of beating my self I make a strategy and next time I might have peanut butter but in a candy bar that already has it or buying in the supermarket as a serving size instead of a jar.

This why dieting will take time to know your self specifically because you are the only one who will determine what’s best for you. Also, not everyone has the same type of body type or metabolism so 2 different individuals might have the same goal to lose weight or gain but their approach for sure won’t be the same.

 Cooking on bulk

This is where you gotta choose a time of the day to actually cook all your food intake. For some, They can cook prep the whole day for the whole week but that’s different for everybody. Not everybody might have the facility of having free time to actually cook prep because of different responsibility they got to deal with. Now you also have to beware that you will need to buy in bulk for this strategy to actually work.

So getting a good freezer container its a must, especially if you don’t want to buy reusable zip bags for a while. Also, you should invest in some kitchen equipment like a food processor it will help you speed up some of the stuff you gotta cut by hand and therefore more time for you. This a skill you will inevitable gotta get better at it, because this is how you can have most control on your intake instead of depending of buying food in a restaurant which I am not against with but here you will be more precise trust me.


 Have a cheat meal

This is more for your phycological health been since we cant make a change drastically or we might have drastic consequences, there more you adapt to this lifestyle the easier it will get for you to make the right choice of eating better quality food instead of junk that has no good nutrition source for your body. So this why implementing a cheat day will help you stay on track because now you can satisfy that inner voice that always tries to sabotage your plan.

Scientifically some studies suggest that having a cheat meal can help with a fat loss hormone name leptin, this will boost your metabolism momentary so having a cheat meal actually impact positively in your body and mind of course. So look at it as a one step back 2 step forwards. And having linear progress on dieting it is really unrealistic so expect for you to fail and fail big but don’t beat up your self because that’s part of the process.

 Have a goal


Have a realistic goal to actually accomplish within a certain amount of time. Goals can come differently it might be a personal goal or talking part of an event to be proud and say that you accomplish it while being participating in an event might result even more satisfactory. Because you did 2 things in one, doing something for your personal being and showing others what you are capable of.

In any sport I think its what motivates us to come back and get better, like an artist performing knowing that he can master his craft and become phenomenal and inspiring, I think being Inspiring to others will result from a good influence in others, saying you made it and look where I came from can also be satisfactory.


These are some of the most useful tips you can have while starting to implement a diet. It is not an easy thing and it is more complicated that even people give credit about it. There are some elements about dieting that you gotta to understand really well in order to maintain this lifestyle. Yes if you approach dieting like a momentary solution to lose weight you will fail terribly because you will only implement a certain aspect and not knowing what to do after you successfully reach your desired weight. I hope that you stick to reading some of my other articles as I uncover more details about how I do approach and how I am successfully sustaining a good healthy lifestyle and stay in shape.

16 thoughts on “how to stay on a healthy diet – changing your perspective”

  1. This is a must read for everyone who wants to have a good health or maintain a good health and diet. I will follow everything in this article henceforth and i will strongly share this article for people to get informed and educated as well. Thanks for sharing this information. It is really of help.

    • Thank you Lok glad that my information is relevant, I am trying my best to give my personal experience with dieting cause I know it’s not an easy task to tackle whether you’re a beginner or advance there will always be room for knowledge and keep experimenting what works for you that for sure. 

  2. Love your points about having goals and taking the time to manage what you are eating. I have often dieted and was not happy with the end result, only to realize that I didn’t actually set a goal!I also think a cheat meal is a great idea. I see too many people forget this and they look miserable because of it!Thanks for the post!

    • Yes, I think a cheat meal is essential for us to stay on track. I see it as a reward for the hard work we put in order to be disciplined It’s not easy to stay on a grind and focused on a goal so I guess this will alleviate some of the struggles in the process. 

  3. I want to say that this article is very motivational and helpful. I am currently on a weight loss program and I can say that it is not easy at all. What is most hard for me is to avoid temptations when it comes to sweets. It is also very important to define your goal and stick to it. I saw so many folks who want to lose 10kg and more in one month but something like that is not realistic.

    • Good point, having realistic goals its to stay true to your self and what you’re capable off.  I hope that this perspective that I give at the beginning of the article actually helps easier to make choice between a better healthy option. 

  4. There is a lot of work to do when it comes to diet and the reduction of weight. Eating of foods with minimal calories can go a long way in weight reduction and such things like smoothies with fibre content. Fibre contents in smoothie can help you not to be easily hungry because fibre is not easily digested. Regular exercise helps and also avoiding late dinner.

    • Yeah eventually it will become a lifestyle that’s the goal, one to reach a healthy fit body maintaining it, for me being part of a sport like boxing has given me a good advantage to maintain an athletic body and feel good and not weak at the same time. 

  5. Hi Erick, Thank you for these useful tips of sticking to a diet and eating well. I will take it to heart as I have some weight to lose and am working on a plan right now. Reading this post has been most helpful to motivate me and tomorrow will put it into practice. Fortunately, I have the time to cook and some great fresh ingredients purchased today.

    It really is a matter of changing one’s lifestyle and getting to know your own body’s requirements. 

    I have a very sweet tooth and realize that the worst times for me are in the afternoon when I feel tired, then feel the need to have something sweet. Having a short nap helps get me through this. When I get up a cup of coffee keeps me from going down to the store for a sweet treat. 

    • That’s awesome I do use coffee too to keep my sweet tooth controlled.  For me, I understand you about the timing I also do feel very hungry after exercise. 

  6. In my opinion, having a good health plan for your well being is the best investment one can make.  Lean proteins and healthy fats are essential for our system to work properly.

    I like that you stress avocados and olive oils since they are a great source of healthy fats. I would also recommend using coconut oil for cooking because coconut is also a great source of healthy fats.

    I heard different opinions about eating in small portions.  But after watching your video it made sense to eat in small portions.   The idea that our body may not be able to digest a large portion of food makes perfect sense to eat in small portions.

    Thanks for the knowledge and inspiration for health and well being.

    • I appreciate mentioning me as an inspiration pretty much is one of my goals too, be able to inspire a lot of people and show my progress and my growth. 

  7. Amazing read. The methods are strategically spelt out, and they are well very practicable. I’ve mastered myself to not binge on any food that will  Cooking in bulk is very easy for me, as I have all my stocks and the items available in my disposal.

    I however do not understand the ‘having a cheat meal’ strategy. I’d love a clearer explanation, if you wouldn’t mmind. 

    • I like how you say mastered because it’s just like anything in life you gotta practice until you get it right. Well for the cheat meal I see it has a strategy because it gives you a little boost in your metabolism and also calms down your cravings because you are giving your self a chance to have a moderate amount of what consider unhealthy. 

  8. When it comes to diets and gaining weight for myself personally, I found that I am not that great at not having sweets such as candy. This usually contributes to a lot of my weight problems from what I have seen. I am able to avoid fast food for quite sometime based on the fact that my body doesn’t react well to it. 

    I definitely hope to fix my sweet tooth problem in the near future.

    • I wish you the best of your effort actually give you results making the change ain’t easy but I give you props for starting. 

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