How to stay on a diet – Is it possible?

How to stay on a diet – Is it possible?

I want to talk about the subject of how to stay on a diet because its essential to be really self-disciplined in order to get results. And to start with this is actually has to do little to none with food but more so with your mind and how you approach your dieting. 

Even tho my website slogan it is flexible dieting for weight loss that doesn’t mean freedom of to eat exactly what I wanted because if that was the case I would be eating nothing but sweets and peanut butter mindlessly because I gave permission to do that.

Schedule ahead

If you do a planned structured meal plan chances are way less to cheat on your diet because you already choose wisely what food are you eating for your health benefits and that might include some of your delightful treats, see treats are nothing to worry about since is a quantity in control and won’t sabotage your plans for dieting.

I use My fitness pal to plan ahead whenever I want to change something on my diet or some adjustment and this why consistency will be key since doing the same over and over again will allow you to observe if it work or doesn’t work.

If it doesn’t work don’t get frustrated about it and just adjust something small but no drastic changes since this will defeat the purpose of consistency. Something small like adding or subtract 100 calories from ether sources of carbs or fat since protein it’s already a designated number that you will have depending on how much is your body weight.

Think of the benefits rather than suffering

This type of mentality has helped me to be really motivated since sometimes dieting gets so boring or you feel a bit lack of freedom. I can see it like going to the gym on a regular basis and depending on your efforts you will see results.

At the beginning of lifting weight might feel like you are torturing your self but in reality, if you think of what are the benefits and will give you a vision to where you want to reach and that eventually, you know that all the suffering you are going thru is just temporary.

Think about doing a small transaction every time you enter the gym, paying your dues for a better outcome and this is exactly with dieting how I approached it, Now then ever that I enrolled to be a model I gotta be focus on this aspects since I know that I got multiple benefits such getting paid for every photo shoot they pick me and of course if they pick me its because I need to be in top shape.

If you cant do it alone… find someone who will push you

Some people just can’t handle this alone at least at the beginning of the process of dieting. Find your self a coach on this aspect, trust me I did it too and it was really worth because not only did I achieve my shape that I wanted but also left with more knowledge in the area of dieting.

Now I have decided to share my point of view towards dieting in this website so I can hopefully give you some helpful ideas and good starting point. Sometimes in life, you’re gonna meet some people that will move you from your comfort zone to give your best stick with those quality people since they will help you transform your mindset on whatever area they are successful.

Get a motive or set up a goal

This is really crucial, because by putting your self into pressure state of being in shape or paying a price to follow coach directions then chances are you will indeed follow directions. Because having a purpose is really essential in anything you want to commit, if there is no target to aim why then just aim?

Get what I am saying you need some realistic expectations in order to achieve and conquer something that you really want. And I guess if you stumble with this article and still are reding its because you are into transforming your life for the better.

Realizing this will make your work ethic have value and a reason to struggle and to do the hard thing because eventually and the end it will be soo worthy that you didn’t quite the journey.

One last rant

So far in order to survive a diet, a listed a couple of things that will eventually help you, remember the guy behind typing this article actually lived where you were and was very much confused to what to do in order to have some real results and find what really worked for me.

In my case, I had to make diet an enjoyable progress rather than a torturing one. Torturing oneself has its benefits of mental strength but remember we are not machines we are human beings with feelings and emotions and is ok to screw up once in a while.

Being on this idea of perfectionism is really unrealistic because nothing on this universe will ever be on that state. Its literary on a state of transforming and moving everything it’s a chaos and nothing make a certain sense in a term that it has to be one way.

Life is really chaotic to be stuck in the Mindfreak and still wondering without taking action. I think the most essential part of life is actually doing something you will eventually enjoy or give you courage or a reason to be in it. And I get it to the people who are really busy on their work schedule as I am also in the struggle doing 2 jobs but I am also following my dreams and putting work on a boxing gym and guess what its the little thing I do that give me spark to keep on the struggle.

That’s why for the same reason I choose a flexible diet because you actually get to choose something that brings you a bit of spark you know something that you really like and I will be glad to help you on that journey with this website eventually.

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