How much cardio to lose weight – will it affect you in a bad way?

How much cardio to lose weight – will it affect you in a bad way?

In my honest opinion, I think depending on what type of genetic your metabolism phase will be determined. Now Why did I start my article with this instead of talking straight to cardio? Because actually depending on your goals if you want to lose weight this case it will affect you directly hence the title came for how much cardio to lose weight.

Most of us have a decent to low metabolic rate which is beneficial to include cardio exercise. But is not just simply like that. There are the different type of cardio you can implement some have benefits some will hinder you in other aspects. There is also the timing when you I implement my cardio and actually the best time is your time because everybody has the different schedule on their day.

Like for me as an example, I do cardio very early in the morning, despite I train strong as a boxer another thing you wanna actually do with your cardio kinda like your diet is consistency.


This is probably the most basic one out there and is not that hard and it comes really good benefits like reducing the risk of a heart attack, also reduce diabetes, increase some bone density. Also walking helps with your brain for some reason with better cognitive functions and conditions.



For me, this is the type of cardio I implement because I am at a level of athleticism that allows performing this. But I don’t really recommend for starters if you’re not used to doing a lot of walking or a less intense type of cardio. Some people find this activity really fun to do, for at the beginning it wasn’t the best relationship I didn’t hate it but didn’t like it either.

As my capacity to do more work increased it become easier to perform running and to the point where it was painful but I kept pushing my self, most of the time the motivation was emotional. Now a day that changed I no longer take emotion as my primary source to push my self while running but actually having a flow state where I am more aware of the present moment and not fight against pain or bring my self-inner doubts.

Science backup running as pretty healthy and beneficial activity, it makes your body use more efficient good cholesterol and increased, it helps strengthen your heart muscle to pump more flood thus getting more oxygen to your brain and deliver better your nutrients, and of course running itself cant make you lose weight is a combination of factor that will bring the result that you want , I will touch on that in a moment.


Cycling was my most favorite cardio activity I always practiced. I always hop in without thinking how many calories I will burn to the simply cheer of feel-good outside and chill while listening to music. For me, this was my therapy a stress management that allows me to escape a bit of the current situation and take a good break while getting the benefits of doing exercise.


Also, its a good vehicle replacement if you live in a city and you travel from your work to the house just by bike you will get the benefits off sneaking some physical activity before work. So not only you burn calories but you help the environment to be less polluted since most of us use the car as transportation causing to leave a lot of gas emission which ultimately won’t end well in the atmosphere.

Plenty of cardio exercises but how much should I?

Well, this is actually the topic I came to address because a lot of people take cardio literary without making other adjustment and expecting that just by doing physical exercise might be enough to lose weight. Maybe at the beginning of the stage, it might be true because you are implementing an activity that burns calories and the more you burn calories the greater the deficit. That’s the keyword deficit. Because you might be doing a good amount of exercise but having a surplus of calories won’t help you see pounds dropping in fact, it will frustrate you why I am not losing weight because I work hard enough.

The truth is that our body its a really complex machine and that the bad news is that it will adapt to change it make it harder to have results along the way. I recommend seeing cardio as a tool or a variable that you can adjust and in conjunction with how many calories you are eating and how much cardio you do per week, you will have a clear idea what’s going on and what can you change to have a different outcome.

SO in Conclusion

Track everything you do from cardio to how much you are eating, remember to be patient and consistent and never take drastic measure to actually solve something that can require just a little adjustment and a bit of patience. I do have an intake on this, the most important tool that will help you get the result is the mindset, how strong your will is to be patient and see the results you want? It’s really up to you, meditation for me as being a good tool to sharpen my ability to be the focus on my goals, to not give up that no matter how hard it is possible to do it

. And the skill that you develop towards meditation its focusing and being in the present moment. Also if you have a good friend that can push you or starting together stick with him, it might suck or it might work but the benefits are that at the end of the day you both motivate to get towards a goal and encourage to keep going on the journey, despite being uncomfortable. Remember something guys this temporary pain within this journey its so worthy because out of it a new you will be waiting and you will be amazed what you are capable of.





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  1. I enjoyed this post because it proves to add genuine value in terms of knowledge and information for anyone wanting to dial in weight loss with the aid of an application of a cardio regimen. II really appreciate that you delineate the importance of the individual and the capacity of one’s metabolic rate and  I also think it is a huge advantage that you touch on the fact that drastic measures need not be taken, but patience and tracking of one’s progress.  Sounds to me like a healthy and responsible way to guide someone to optimal health and the suggestions you post lend itself for a range of people with different physiologies to be able to pursue a healthier body.  Thank you and keep up the great work!

  2. Wow I agree with everything you said. i try to adjust my cardio to my calorie intake for sure. 

    You hit the nail on the head at the end there with the talk about focusing and being in the moment. You definitely have to connect with yourself and understand your needs. . 

    BALANCE homeostasis extremely important. Don’t overdo it. Do you agree?

    One of my favorite musicians, Jimmy Buffet, said it best “everything in moderation”

    onward n upward

    • True I guess, that state does exist your body will fight back if it doesn’t feel right after all dieting is not a natural process and neither it’s healthy because you are restricting calories and forcing your body to be on an artificial hunger. 

  3. Thank you for sharing this great information about cardio very good information, I been doing some cardio by walking and running and I totally agree with you that we need to track what we eat, because it won’t matter how much cardio I do I not loose any weight it won’t go up but it doesn’t go down ether. This information is very helpful to me thank you.

    • You gotta experiment with a number of calories you burn and be consistent with it at least for a few weeks I guarantee you-you might see some change. 

  4. Am really used to walking a lot, at least i walk hundred meters in a day, though i didn’t know it was that beneficial to my body not until reading your post where you stated the benefits like reducing diabetics, reducing the risk of heart attack and so on and so forth. I seldom run, because am mostly off to work early and back home late. As you have stated the advantages of running also, i think i would have to create time during my weekends to combine running with a little bit of cycling. Thanks so much for this cardio post. Lest i forget, can you recommend in your next post,the best foods we can eat to maintain a healthy body condition and avoid being overweight?

    • I don’t think I can recommend any specific food for weight loss, but I can share an idea that got to me recently when I was dehydrating for a fight I had to limit my liquid intake so that forced me to look food with water in it, most of them are healthy food so take my intake on this tip its pretty value. 

  5. Walking is definitely my favorite cardio with bike riding my second.  I have always been one to enjoy not only walking but hiking, and some of the hikes are pretty strenuous giving me that out of breath feeling on the steep parts.  I’ve done several hours of hiking, and boy is it rewarding.  The cycling I do for enjoyment.  We live in an area that has a lot of shops and stores, so we put the trailer on the back of one of the bikes, and we even do our groceries that way in the summer.

    I work on my computer a lot, so it’s important to me to get cardio exercise, and I find the walking, hiking and cycling to be the ones I enjoy the best and find easiest on my body.  Running bothers my shins and I don’t like the feeling.

  6. I will be the first to admit I need to lose weight. My problem is I do not like cardio because the results do not show quick. I know I need to exercise some patience and this article showed me that.

    Do you have any idea how many calories I should target to burn? Should I perform cardio to target a certain excess calories compared to my food intake?

    Any insight would be appreciated

    • Start experimenting your self with a number, I would say start with a 400 calories session also count how many sessions you do per week. 

  7. Thank you for sharing ¨How Much Cardio to lose Weight-Will it affect you in a bad way? ¨I think I understood the gist of your argument.How many times have you heard someone say ¨I need to lose weight?¨While that can be certainly a worthwhile endeavor, what they really mean to say, ¨I want to lose fat¨ .Though most people use the term weight loss and fat loss interchangeably, they are not  in fact the same, and require different methods to achieve each goal. You explain why fat loss – not weight loss- should be the primary focus and why the typical methods  used for weight loss may not always work for fat loss efforts. Fat loss is accomplished when we burn store fat, while preserving or building muscle at the same time. Fat loss doesn´t always result in a lower number on the scale, but it will change the composition of your body. Any combination of drastically reducing calories and adding aerobic exercise will most certainly result in weight loss. The problem with this is that not all of the weight loss will be from fat. Some of it will be water weight, which is temporary, and some will be muscle. My question to you is do you think that fat can be turned into muscle through diet and exercise?

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