healthy protein snacks for weight loss – Good choices

Most of us deal with cravings especially when we are dieting towards losing weight. The leaner you get the hungrier you become. And I am talking here on experience this will happen to you sooner or later. So I been on those situations where I already ate most of my calories for the day and I am brainstorming what can I do or eat that probably won’t end up on binging more.

So I started looking for some healthy protein snacks for weight loss. Why for weight loss? because of that where you are at the stage of getting these intense cravings because of having to restrict your self to a certain number of calories or way to eat. I have done some research and I am choosing 4 snacks that people consider healthy protein snacks for weight loss.

Beef jerky

This one is kinda obvious because you are directly consuming pretty much protein in between meals just to ease that craving. Remember this will not always be the case the goals is to actually stick with your caloric intake and be really consistent but if the cravings are really bad and you should consider snacking some beef jerky. I will admit this option is kinda expensive depending on where you live on, cause on the local store I have to pay around 5 to 10 dollars just for a bag of beef jerky so seeing that might turn you down but don’t worry there are more options along the way.

Greek yogurt parfait

I am not surprised with this one, talking a bit off topic I saw a documentary of this boxer training for a fight and his coach recommended him greek yogurt in order to be more protein and low carb option especially while dieting. But there is one downside to this one which you gotta create awareness of it that is some of these are loaded with sugar and spiking your sugar intake make even cause you to even crave more resulting in a binge.

Try finding those that are oriented to more naturally like the one that has the amount of fruit on the bottom of the greek yogurt container. If you want to be extremely safe with this one then just buy the plain greek yogurt and customize your self in order to avoid whatever you are trying to not consume it might be carbs or fat.

Hard-boiled eggs

This one is a bit controversial since if you eat the whole egg then it contains this avoidable nutrition content called cholesterol. But the thing is actually this type of cholesterol is healthy that even science proves that its ok for you to consume 3 whole eggs on a daily basis. So yeah this one obviously if you are avoiding fat then simply get rid of the yolk and the white part of it pretty much pure protein.

healthy snack protein

If I were me I just get some whites out of it and actually its satisfy the craving if it really that bad. Don’t feel ashamed of eating the whole egg but that in considerating is not fat-free but its really good nutritional value for the whole thing its only 76 calories.

Protein bars

Protein bars are really easy to implement on your diet or depending on what type of diet you might start looking which type of brand fits more for your caloric intake. In my case I choose the quest bars so far they are really good having a balance between good taste and low-calorie budget friendly.

I usually finish my dieting day eating my last meal a coffee and one of this bad boys and I gotta tell you it really works in my case it helps against sweet tooth because obviously you been put in a  regimen of eating really clean and watching consistently what type of calories you’re putting on your body.

Trail Mix

This one you gotta be careful with it since I really don’t recommend going to your local store and get a trail mix bag, reason is they are so dense in calories big time, but you can still do your own trail mix which I recommend and divided it into portions that you know it won’t be so caloric dense but its still an easy to make portable snack every now or then.

If you wanna hit protein with nuts a good suggestion is almonds and pistachios, but again with this one moderation is key. I do really remember back in my years of learning dieting I knew always if I bought a huge containers of peanuts that the same day I might chuck the whole thing, so in my opinion even tho it doesn’t have a lot of sugar in it is still calorie dense and can cost you a couple of pounds plus.

healthy protein snacks

Those are couple popular suggestions that I research when it comes to snacking for protein sources, obviously there a lot of variety out there is a huge marketplace for different type of protein snacks and probably a lot of people are looking for alternatives for not ruining their diet and kept that caloric intake in order to see results from a diet plan.

Remember the type of diet its actually not the solution for weight loss but rather the discipline behind any type of diet whether its vegan, keto, if it fit your macros etc. I believe with a strong mindset you will be able to accomplish a lot not just on the health but in other areas of life.

You gotta put up the work I might give you the best suggestion out there or what do I think but as the matter of fact what it counts it is your actions towards the goal. Stay strong delay gratification for a better future. You will see that the struggle was so worth it at the end of the day you have the power to become the best version of your self. It all starts by believing in your self.