free yoga routines – good for cool down

free yoga routines – good for cool down

Yoga overall it’s an excellent way to calm your self either physically or mentally. There been studies where actually yoga help against anxiety and its a better alternative than using drugs or alcohols just to suppress our stress feelings, those option before you might develop an addiction to bad habits eventually leading to health problem and diseases that you might have to deal with.

This why I recommend to choose and stick to the sport because most likely you will make it into a lifestyle, not only you would get better in a specific sport but your overall health will improve and you won’t feel like you are forcing yourself to do something just because of it. I am gonna research some of the poses that in my boxing class we use after working out an intense workout.


Child Pose

In this pose the idea is to rest your brain relax in front of your body, so, therefore, your forehead will touch the floor, your knees will ideally be resting near your chest, expand your arms in front so you can feel the stretch on your back and try to push your heels towards your back wall.

This stretch should feel relaxing after a good intense workout if you feel pain or you feel struggling to do this pose try to put a cushion under your chest and extend your arms backward instead of going forward. This pose will help to stretch your lower back and relax your mind you shouldn’t feel any pain at all if you have sore knees and ankles its probably because of something else.


Downward Dog Pose

This yoga poses is one of the most mainstream on the fitness society, its really that popular and you don’t have to be a yoga expert to be able to practice it. If you have ever done or do you know how to do a standard plank or the starting frame of the push up position well you have the pose half done all you gotta do try to stand with your legs bring it closer to your arms, so your body will likely look like a V inverted so is not that hard to perform.


You can try to put the heels on the floor but don’t force it, or switch in between which heel you are flexing. You should also use your shoulder strength to maintain your upper body stable. There’s actually numerous of benefits doing this pose including improving blood circulation, bone density, stretching your limbs etc.

Wide-Legged Forward Fold

Most of the yoga poses involve flexing your back this is no exception, try to stand wide just like the title suggest but don’t exaggerate is not like you are doing a split, next slowly fold your upper body and try not to do fast motion while bending your back you can seriously injure your self with an involuntary movement and therefore cant screw up your spinal disk so be careful while performing this stretch.

Next, extend your arms towards the center or in between your legs pushing the floor forward. If you can manipulate your breathing take a deep breath and try to go deeper on to that stretch. Because you are stretching your spinal cord this is good for you’re nerves systems to stretch any tension in between the vertebrae this why you also gotta be really careful while doing this stretch, you don’t want to pinch a nerve it is soo painful trust me.



Cat/Cow Pose

This stretch might seem a bit silly but it has tremendously good amount of benefits including mental and physical, for the physical aspect this type of stretch can help you on your gastrointestinal system and in case of the female their reproduction organs, it helps relieves stress on the lower area of the back too, improve movement on the hip area and abdomen chest and lungs.

To initiate this stretch you need to position your self like a tabletop position meaning you back is completely horizontal, standing with your knees and palms, try focusing flexing your lower back tilt it upwards and downwards but trying to do whatever reach you are able to. Try to syncronize the movement with your breathing on a slow pace this should be down to cool you down after a good intense session of exercise.





Crescent Pose

This pose has to be started with the forward downward dog position in order to be really effective and transition well between the poses. This pose will allow you to stretch you’re lumbar and open your hips so you have a better natural spinal curve overall. It also works your abdominal stabilizer muscle which is a huge part for us to maintain a healthy balance in our body.

So eventually practicing this pose over and over will build you a good core strength eventually. Now I see why my boxing coaches it is implementing these stretches in case of boxing our core strength it is really essential for us to deliver a really good power punch rotation.

This is some of the poses

I’m not a yogi expert nor I do practice it may be indirectly I do yoga because my coach implements this type of stretches at the end of the every fitness class, I my self have seen good benefits from this from having way fewer cramps than before to performing better than before.

This is a good recovery technique if well applied you can see the good side of it, at the beginning obviously some of the stretches are going to be a bit really though to perform but eventually you will get the hang of it. I have noticed too that if you even take a break from doing these stretches you will have to eventually work back to acquire your past flexibility. So its pretty much like a type of strength training in some perspective but obviously, everything has its time and purpose, for warming up before a workout I recommend dynamic stretches.

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