Flexible dieting results, what to expect!

I’m so honored to be taking action into giving my insight about some benefits of flexible dieting results that support this methodology. Like you who are reading this article I been searching and struggling to stick with a diet and tried several diets like Adkins, eating very healthy low-fat content, all of those give results too but you’re going to feel uncomfortable with a drastic change. You can’t change overnight a bad habit and correct it takes time, dedication, effort, and patience. I’m gonna outline some useful tips to keep motivated towards getting those results you always wanted having that sexy sculpture body that a lot of people envy while they watch you eating ice cream.

Setting realistic goals for results

Nothing comes more discouraging than expecting to have results within a short time-lapse. It built frustration because you set an unrealistic expectation to achieve a result you want and you beat yourself self up with no mercy because you felt you put in the work and nothing is happening. We gotta set some reasonable expectations and mindset about approaching a diet and I think along the way flexible dieting will alleviate some of this stress because is giving you a bit of freedom in yourself food choice rather than following a plan manufactured by a coach with expecting that one script will do it that one type of portion will work for everyone. The reality is that is not that way so don’t beat yourself self off if you don’t get does 9 weeks abs program because the truth of the matter they are marketing so that it looks is a cake walk and is not.

Be consistent with your regimen

When it comes to dieting consistency is the key. Gotta, you strive to stay on track most of the time I didn’t say 100% of the time did you notice that? We are all human beings and we all make mistake along the way to accept you’re self that you couldn’t meet the goal one day but let that failure motivate you to strive along the path of consistency. Keep adjusting and correcting until you get it right. It takes some adjustment on yourself consistency for example consistency allows you to see what variables you can change in other to achieve the result yourself looking for. Let’s say you have been eating a bowl of cereal every day and that one of the components of yourself breakfast is cereal and milk, by adjusting the quantity of the intake for that meal consistently you will obtain a different result along the way.

Measure self-progress with your own results

Believe it or not, if you keep doing something or practice something along the way you’re gonna get results no doubt about it. Compare you’re self when you started the journey with where you as right now and you will be astonished the difference of how you’re looking it will be day and night it will be so obvious as it will encourage you to not give up also look other people who have made it who have been in yourself shoes before. They could do it so can you? Nobody will know you better than you but that also means you can be yourself own worse enemy so judge according to yourself the effort and don’t invest negative thoughts because as the end complaining won’t just do it but action will. In my journey I had the pleasure to be part of Team3dmj(Dedication, desire, discipline muscle journey) community and they are very helpful and me as a competitive person always compared my progress it’s human nature to compare to others but when you compare the person you’re becoming and the person of you who started the journey and you will be even more satisfaction and feeling and you’re accomplishing and going towards a direction.

Track your intake for best results

If a diet is your bread consistency and tracking are your peanut butter and jelly for that sandwich. It just goes together to create an amazing result. Track your meals like a diary. This will give you a ground of reality that it’s documenting your journey along the way. This journey by time passing might change your caloric goals might not be the same after a few months later since yourself day 1. Based on that you will get feedback from yourself and by others, other will start looking you and notice that your body is changing and depending on of the person who you approach it might give you a good compliment or you just win their envy, either way, keep striving for yourself results cause action speak louder than words.

Join a community with convincing results that you look for.

You need a support system along the way the more you felt supported the more encourage you will be tackling this challenge of dieting which is not easy by the way. By looking other and learning from their experience you can feed up and learn about others people mistake too so that you don’t have to be in their situation. You also can ask for help and don’t feel that you’re weak for asking we can’t be inside and outside the frame as the same time this why you need some feedback some people looking from the outside picture. So that you can have or do a correction along the way and stop dis-encourage yourself if you took a step back it just happens welcome to the real world. Keep a positive attitude and I promise your community will be behind you support you in yourself good and bad times.


Flexible diet will liberate you

Its just a matter of time I am see you saying o my god why I was so skeptic about this method, that’s why I am here my friend to give you an insight of the possibility you have with this style of dieting you will be so happy making this decision you won’t regret it and you won’t have to ever again listen to a local guru saying that the only way it’s the traditional way of dieting, no I am here to encourage you to step out of yourself comfort zone and you will see what you’re capable of alongside with people who actually know what they are doing sky is the limit, my friend!


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