fitness exercises – you tube channels that i follow

fitness exercises – you tube channels that i follow

I was thinking about how exactly I started my fitness journal to get fit or healthy. I am not gonna lie I didn’t do it by my self I had to do a lot of research and in this article I am going to point out some of youtube channels personalities that actually helped me get started because lets face it the hard part its just exactly that getting started and maintaining progress without demotivating towards the journal. I hope that all this information that I am sharing can benefit you on getting better progress along the way after all this is the very mere existence of this website to help you with your fitness journal.


This is legitimately the first youtube channel that I did start before failing my self doing an Atkins type of diet where you just eat protein and eliminate carbohydrate. He is very informative about how to start doing beginners exercises like push ups sit ups pull ups but this is big but he gave me a nutritional plan to follow, a structured plan and he is really against food that contains a lot of unhealthy fat.

Like the famous video where he made a peanut butter sandwich and then drive over with a loan moaner, oh that was painful to watch. Oh, I forgot to say he is pretty known for taking with a gnome statue I found it a bit funny but none the less the person gives a lot of knowledge from his perspective about working out oh and he is currently an active cyclist I noticed that. Oh, he also believes you don’t need expensive equipment to get in shape which I do agree even tho sometimes expensive isn’t bad and might give you some extra benefits than going the cheap way.

Luii Marco

Another huge personality in youtube because he is a funny accent and he is European even tho he lives in Canada. I am not sure if he is active right now but he’s youtube channel has a lot of relevant information. He also actually enjoy following other bodybuilders careers the one con I would say with Luii sometimes he gets so critical to the point that I ask my self is this the person I actually follow his advice.

I know we are all humans and make mistakes so I am not judging him but I see him judging some methods that eventually he start using like Flexible dieting, he was not willing to try it and I didn’t know who convinces him to try it but he had like months going against it because of his personal belief until he made the decision to use it.

He found it way better than when he was dieting before. I believe he’s the focus now is training people via online to get people to achieve really good physique ironically using flexible dieting so yeah guys check him out his pieces of advice are really good especially for people who are starting to go to the gym.

Matt Ogus

Similar to Luii Marco he isn’t that active in youtube anymore but this is it guys, this the person who I truly put all my stakes and follow him to the T because he has a similar age to me and also because unlike the other two people this guy was going to compete in natural bodybuilding similar to what I was about to do.

So thanks to his journey of becoming a natural bodybuilder its where I discovered flexible dieting, which I also did, in fact, joined the coaches 3dmj( dedication, desire and discipline Muscle Journey) which there are 4 main coaches that actually help a lot of people achieve insane body fat percentage in order to compete in a natural bodybuilding stage. So their method on dieting its actually measuring Macros (fat, carbohydrates, and protein).

Chris Heria

Well, I haven’t followed him to the T but there was a period of time where I wasn’t weight lifting anymore, and I was more focused towards doing boxing instead of weights. I couldn’t make a fusion of both sports because I felt that the weight lifting was limiting my mobility and it wasn’t helping with boxing.

You see in boxing you do need more flexibility than strength in my opinion because you need to be really explosive and muscle mass might help you partially on getting in shape a bit easier because the more muscle mass you carry on your body the more likely you will be burning more calories because it requires more oxygen to perform a task.

This why I started looking for more calisthenics exercises instead because I might still train a bit of strength but won’t limit my ability to move in boxing so this why on a period of time this came really handy. I followed some of his tips but still, calethetics is no joke and I think the more in shape you are or lighter the better chance you have to perform some of the advanced exercises.

These were my examples I follow

This is what I have encountered on the journey that helped me stay in shape trail an error trying to find what worked for me to be able to have a physical transformation which I did. A lot of information in between this channel guys I hope you get the best of it and just like me if you are serious about it start to experiment here and there and find what suits you best for your lifestyle.

Remember like what I said in the introduction is that the hardest part is to start, just like my dad said a metaphor that I still carry to this day , we are going to crack open an eggshell and it might be painful at first but as soon as you start seeing results believe me you are going to stick with it because it gets addicting to see progress along the way.

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  1. Wow, those are pretty cool Youtube videos for anyone who are searching to find out the best fitness exercises to get fit or healthy. I’ve seen a little bit of those videos and I’m amazed by the information they have provided in those videos. I’ve bookmarked this page so that I can come here again to view those all videos in details. Actually, lots of websites are asking money to provide these fitness exercise tips which you have provided here free of cost. Thank you very much.

    • Thanks, a lot for bookmarking my site that means a lot, it means that I am doing exactly what I put in my mind since day one when this website was born. 

  2. Hi there, thanks for sharing these YouTube channels with us here, I have actually been following one of them which is marcoo before reading about it here, but he has not been active on YouTube for sometimes now, hopefully I will find a way to follow any active one from the one u shared, 

    • Yeah, I actually was a good friend with Marco way back in 2011, he’s really polite and helpful also like to chat about other subjects, I guess his favorite subject is cars. 

  3. I find it funny that I just got this article to review because I just got finished working out. I follow Leslie Sansone because it’s a walk/run type workout. I’m limited to what I do because I only have one arm. But I must admit you’ve given me a great idea. I never thought of looking to youtube for workouts. I’m definitely going to look into it. Thanks for the info! 

    • Never heard of Leslie Sansone I will check it out takes for sharing that, and yeah there’s a lot of people who do great youtube videos about fitness has a matter of fact that where I started researching on. 

  4. What a surprising article for fitness exercise lover! Fitness keep our body balance and healthy. I love to do fitness exercise. I have visited all of the recommended youtube channels and it seems this channel is so informative and essential for best benefit from fitness exercise. I will follow these channels and recommended my friends. Thanks for the effective post.

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