Dynamic warm up stretches – For more effectiveness

Dynamic warm up stretches – For more effectiveness

What’re the benefits of doing this type of warm up? You are going to prevent injuries from the workout activity itself. The last thing you wanna do is to set your self in your way for a good setback. Depending on the injuries this could take either way from a couple days to even 3 weeks.

I had an unfortunate experience that I suffer so I am sharing this cause I don’t wanna see you in this situation, by the way, I was working on housekeeping doing a daily service, all of a sudden I grabbed a tow from the floor and my hip lock up, causing a really unforgettable pain

I was literary crying and grabbing the wall and screaming for help I got taken to a hospital and thanks god it wasn’t that of a serious injury but it could have gone worse. So I am gonna share some dynamic warm-up stretches that will improve your mobility has well reduced the chances of getting injured.

Lunge with a twist

  1. For this exercise, you want ideally to have your arms in front along with your chest like you were pushing something in front of you.
  2. Feet have to be within the hips range, don’t overextend your self.
  3. Take a step with the right leg while doing this rotate your torso towards the right, bending the knees. (Note: knees can’t go on more forward than your toes so you’re more stable with the lunge and prevent a knee injury)
  4. Return to the starting position which is standing, do 8 reps at least for both sides.

If you feel uncomfortable doing this in a single spot you can do this moving forward and gain momentum as you keep twisting and moving forward.

Knee to the chest

  1. Take a small step and that your knee (either side you wanna start first) and lifting it as you were striking your own chest with it.
  2. Grab the knee while doing this motion and pull it towards your chest.
  3. Hold the knee and take a deep breath for at least 3 seconds.
  4. Realize the knee and do the same with the other side.

While doing this stretch you’re pretty much targeting your glutes muscles and hip flexors. The faster you do it also the better the warm up.


  1. Starting position will be if you were to do a push-up, instead of pushing you gonna rotate your body to clockwise or counterclockwise. .
  2. If you went counter clock wise I will assume you’re going to push your body weight with your left arm and the right arm will be extended pointing towards the ceiling.
  3. While in this position keep your spine straight, everything straight don’t bend like a banana.
  4. Hold this position for as long you can if is 30 seconds go for it if it a minute even better.
  5. Do the same for the other side which means right arm is gonna be pushing and left arm pointing towards the ceiling.

This will target your chest, shoulders and obliques which are the stabilizing muscle you have on your ribs. Its very challenging exercise too but once you find the rythm youre gonna tackle like its just a simple exercise.

Jump squats

  1. You will be standing and your feet would likely to be on the same shoulder wide gap.
  2. Starting frame will be exactly has doing a regular squat but then you flex downward to make sure that at the end of lowering range off motion you are going to jump.
  3. When touching the floor you wanna return to the same squat position to achive one repetition. Try to control the way you land.
  4. Try to do at least 3 sets of ten repetitions, that way you keep your blood flowing raising your heart per second beat.

This exercise will mostly target the whole lower body, believe it or not, jump squats actually benefit your balance too. Really fun to do this a good alternative cardio wise exercise too.

Single leg dead lifts

  1. Stand in a single leg and slightly bent your knee for better support, you can use two light dumbbells in each hand if you prefer.
  2. Start engaging your hips and has you do that I want you to lift your free legs towards the back.
  3. Your upper body must be parallel to the floor at the middle of the repetition.
  4. Return to the single leg stand posting and that would count has a repetition.

Keep in mind engage your core really solid because this muscle are gonna stable your weight when you’re moving your torso pararell to the floor. This exercise will be challenging at the start but it’s really good for balance.

These are some…

Of the basic dynamic stretching exercise. My goal here was to prevent you from getting injured before a workout. Most of the time we are blinded by the actual activity we are going to make rather then making a conscious decision that in reality will help us perform better.

Some people compare muscle similar to a rubber band. When you stress your muscle and put it to their maximum capacity of a range of motion guess what, just like a rubber band it will stretch and eventually it will stay stretched. But have you heard it can also snap with a brutal movement.

The only difference is that a rubber band doesn’t have a brain to get a proper direction lets say contraction. Or realizing something when grappling.

These dynamic stretch are to prevent something similar to happen. You need a warm up before getting all heat up in the room or otherwise, is like applying cold water to a fired engine guess what gonna happen it will break. Don’t get me wrong in order to build muscle you need to tear them up but injuries are not often what cause muscle to grow.


Combine all this advice I am giving you and trust me you are gonna get some results just stick to the plan. Be consistent it’s a lifestyle.




8 thoughts on “Dynamic warm up stretches – For more effectiveness”

  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing these warm up stretches! I have been looking for some better warm up stretches to begin my workout with.These look like they are going to work great for a warm up. I am really bad about remembering to stretch before and after a workout. Do you happen to have any good cool down stretches?

  2. I have recently gone back to the gym after many years and I really love it but what I have come to find out is it is so good to do stretches before working out because a person can cause more harm than good.

    These warm-up is what is needed in order to avoid injury and to get the most out of your exercise program The information that you are sharing is of a good help and very informative.

  3. A couple of months ago, I hurt my shoulder and my trainer said that the reason could be not proper stretching. Is T-Push-Ups suitable for people who had shoulder injury before? I never tried but if it is alright, I will do it from now on. What do you think?

    • Hmm depending the severe of the injury I wouldn’t put my whole body weight on yet try t push ups on your knees first and see how it feels. I been hurt before and it sucks I know you gotta be really careful when you’re on this stage you don’t wanna stretch the healing process more then its needed. 

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your painful experience, it sounds awful. I had a similar experience while swimming. I didn’t used to think that I needed to stretch before a simple swim, but boy I got the same painful pull in my leg that you’re talking about. It took hours to shake out. These are great recommendations for stretching before a workout.

  5. Hey Erick, I really enjoyed reading your post about warming up and stretching. Very good tips here. There is almost nothing more important to a sport than a proper warmup. I think this is also something that most gym guys forget and don’t do because they don’t think they need it. But in reality, it is a really vital thing for any sport you do.

  6. Thanks for providing these easy warm up stretches. I’m not great at remembering to do warm ups, better at remembering to do the cool down stretches, maybe because they are easier to do once your body is already warmed up.
    I need to add these into my routine.
    Which areas of the body does each stretch work on?

    • Well, this type of dynamic routine its so ideally get your body ready for any intense activity so, I’ll say if you apply them it’s your whole body.

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