core body strength exercises – Spine stability

core body strength exercises – Spine stability

I will be honest working directly my abs isn’t my preferable thing to do but I believe that core body strength exercises have a longevity of benefits for your spine. Your Abs will always be engaged every time you stand up or you are trying to balance your two feet or running or squatting etc.

These muscles have the good amount of responsibility to keep your spine straight and to also generate power from twisting your body, to jumping, explosiveness movement will always involve some abs action.  Here below I will list some abs workout routine you can perform to tight and strength that area.

core body strength exercises - Spine stability
A perfect example of stabilizing your weight.

Bicycle crunches

This exercises right here I will guarantee you will feel the burn, especially on those obliques muscles, the muscles that are aside from your abdominals. To start performing this exercise lie down stretched on the ground or any surface you feel comfortable to do it. Stretch your legs and arms, a form is really essential here if you wanna be more effective performing this exercise.

Place your hands behind your head but don’t and never pull your neck upwards this will cause you an injury if not carefully done never hold your neck, put your hands beside your ears for example and trust me I know its hard when trying to perform the last repetitions but think whats more worth doing those repetitions or injuring your neck.

Now that you have clear your starting position the key here is to lift simultaneously one arm and one leg but get this it has to be opposite side always. Try touching your elbows with knees let say I lift my left knee so I’m trying to connect with my right elbow, depending on your fitness level you can adjust your speed or number of repetitions during a set. There is no an exact number out there just the important thing is to feel that your working that abdominal muscle, feel the burn baby.

Vertical Leg Crunches

I gotta be honest this abdominal exercise is not easy but its really effective if you put emphasis on it.To start this exercise lay down flat on the ground stretch your arms all the way and legs. Your hand position should be similar to when you start a normal crunch ab exercise.

Legs should be lift off the ground so basically, you will try to hold your legs in this position for the rest of the exercise. If you cant handle that much time with your legs up you can bend your knees that way you have more leverage while doing this exercise. Lift your upper body as a crunch motion not a sit-up movement. Repeat until you can’t even say hi to someone haha.

Reverse Crunch

This exercise will help you tone your abdominal muscles especially the middle and lower section of it. But of course, to have visible abs you gotta diet, this site will give you a starting ground on that. ( Now back to reverse crunches, I gotta be honest most of the abs exercises are performed on the ground so don’t be surprised if your starting position is to lay comfortably on the ground.

While on the ground I want you to bent your legs 90 degrees like if you were sitting. Then try using your hip flexors and glutes to lift your legs up and your knees should point to the ceiling. Keep your core tight exhale on the end of the repetition. Watch your self and don’t lift your neck please for your safety.

The infamous plank

Ohoh if you thought you were getting free from this exercise think again. I know its one of the most torturing out there I also hate it when they use it at the end of a high-intensity workout but the coaches do it for a reason, to test you mentally and physically this exercise will also test your power of will. How much time can you hold after a really and I mean really intense session of work out?

Think about the more time you can hold in this position the more stronger mentally and physically you are getting. So how do I perform this exercise? Do you know how to start in a push-up position, this is quite similar but there different variations for a plank, I use the frame when you start a push up which is one of the hardest cause not only will it target your abdominals but your shoulder strength too. There are also side planks, basically putting one elbow in the ground and try to be straight like a line not like a freaking banana. That way you are lifting your weight will your hip flexor and this one really burns oh I know.

Single Leg bridge  Exercise

This one not only will target your core but also your hamstring and glutes and it can use an explosive exercise. That way you can benefit from getting better at cardiovascular and the same time strengthening your core. How to start doing this exercise? Start by laying down on a canvas with your hands in your pockets.

Press with your feet that will stay in the ground while the other leg will be stiff pointing to the ceiling. Press with your hips flexors whichever side is not touching the ground towards the ceiling keep balance and a really tight core so you don’t fall apart. If you want to add explosiveness to the exercise is towards your discretion try pushing up with the feet that are in the ground and your other side with your hip as fast as you can, almost visualize your self-kicking the floor and trying to go up or jump up.

Remember always be cautious with this type of exercise because it involves really good balancing, and think about this the more balancing you add to an exercise definitely your core will be engaged because you are trying to stabilize your weight. And that’s what we are targeting your abdominals so you can absolutely look impressive.




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  1. Thank you for your informative post! Core stability is the key to good posture. For me good posture is the key to good health. I suffer from a stage 3 spondy which requires daily vigilance when it comes to good posture and core strength.

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