concept2 skierg –  the power of Cardio and Strength

concept2 skierg – the power of Cardio and Strength

Product: Concept2 skierg

Price: $815.00 (retail)

Cheapest Place to Buy:
Warranty: The Concept2 SkiErg is supported by a 2-year to 5-year warranty from the date of purchase from Concept2: two years on moving parts and on the monitor, five years on frame parts.

Wall Mounted:

Width at bottom: 19 in (48.3 cm)

Width at top: 20.5 in (52 cm)

Depth: 16 in (40.6 cm)

Height: 83.5 in (212 cm)

Mounted on Floor Stand: 23.5 in x 50 in x 85 in (60 cm x 127 cm x 216 cm)

If you’re looking for a machine that will give you a good challenge regardless which fitness level you are, I got some really good news for you. Concept2 skierg might be the right answer for those who love to mix cardio and strength together. There is a lot of sport that requires these categories like boxing, skiing, CrossFit, parkour. It will challenge your current level of fitness and with the right attitude and mindset, you can achieve incredible results that will leave your friends asking how in the world he just does that? Also, it is a really good alternative if you are injured from running. This provides a good cardio work out to mix it out and not fall into a repetitive boring routine. As it also involves your upper body for this activity there is no doubt you’re gaining strength on your upper body.

My Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Concept2 who are they

This company is behind the infamous indoor rower machine that a lot of athletes use as an explosive effective cardio. They have been since 1976 they been for a good while. They have a community and inspire each other to meet their fitness goals. Everyone has different goals and outcomes they always post some challenges along the way on their site so you keep things intriguing. They also do multiple competitions challenging others to break world records. So they encourage you to the best you can and track your results, they give you a logbook on their site. There is also multiple blogs addressing the common struggles for people who are really heavy on schedule. They have a dedicated customer services to ensure that your investment you did with this machine met all your requirements or if you feel clueless they are there to help.

If you’re a serious athlete you will buy it

It might be expensive depend on how your perspective comes from. The worth of this machine vs the results you want are incomparable. At the end of the day, this might give you an edge in the sports you are competing. A tool to switch your reglementary routine to also develop strength while doing cardio. A lot of Olympic athletes use concept 2 machines to better their performance, there is an interesting statistic that around 76% of the athletes in The Rio Olympic games in 2016 won medals so that speaks in volume.

It’s a full body workout!

Which, mean you burn way more calories over a less period of time. You also maximize your potential work efficiency which you will fatigue quicker versus normal workout activity. This will actually prevent platteu you know the famous state of OH I am stuck with this process I am not seeing results, this will keep you away from that as long you do it as you mean it with all your capacity strength and tenacity. Since full body workouts can be performed within the course of two to three days a week, this gives you more flexibility in terms of other life activities.


Your workouts are time effective meaning you can depend on your intensity has a blast of a workout for less than an hour!. Skiing is a low impact type of activity suited for any type of age with a high caloric burning that will melt unwanted weight. It simulates very well the poling motion as if you were in a ski.

Meaning you don’t need to wait for every winter to do this type of exercise, you can do it indoor thanks to this machine. It comes with a computer that has data from pro skiers so you can try to surpass some of the best in the world how cool is that for a challenge. This computer performer will allow you to compare different out comes and results so you know what’s actually going on detail up on tracking and with their site available you can compete with multiple members just like you!


It might take a while to assemble 30 to 60 minutes just be patient with the process cause once this machine it is all set up I will guarantee you that it is one of the best things you ever bought. Its expensive but you’re getting top quality, just compare the quality of a common car like a Toyota vs a Mercedes Benz you get what I mean right? They ensure top quality for this price. Also, it might take a good chunk of space, just plan a good place to install it so it doesn’t become a harm to anybody to trip. Also, the floor stand is sold individually.


I’m not here to force you to buy this product, I am just giving my honest opinion about it. This target more to serious athletes or competitors that are looking to have the latest state of technology in the cardio strength machinery. It will help you definitely but you need to come with a strong mindset just like everything it takes dedication and hard work. The results you are looking also depends on you and not a piece of equipment.

This is an excellent tool just like a car it will give you a destination from point A to point B but you are undoubtedly behind the driver seat. There’s one more thing that cross my mind if you feel that you’re stuck and mentally burned, just take one day off go to a hospital see these former soldiers that risk their lives handicap with no legs and tell them you are burned out, Don’t give up on your life!


19 thoughts on “concept2 skierg – the power of Cardio and Strength”

  1. Hey,

    Great review.

    I am looking to get back into fitness training as I need to start losing weight.

    Looking at this product, it is quite expensive and from your review it is targeting the more serious athlete.

    Maybe I can take another look at this when I start to get fit again.

    What would you recommend for someone starting back out to get fit at home?


    • I recommend starting your fundamentals exercises first like what I point out before going to an actual gym and lift the weight, that way you can see which area you are lacking maybe your lacking on strength or cardio or both. Start low and keep increasing the difficulty. It’s like a treadmill in my case I never jump on a treadmill cold running at my maximum. Keep adjusting the difficulty according to what you have succeeded before meaning tracking your exercises. And by fundamentals, it can be like bodyweight exercises that a good start.

  2. Hi Erick,
    Great write up on the concept2 skierg. I’ve never heard of this product so was very interested to learn about it. It looks like a powerful machine that does a great job combining cardio and strength training.
    I have been into fitness for 25 + years. I typically do my cardio first thing in the morning, I ride a stationary bike for 25 – 30 minutes to get my day off on the right foot. Typically 4-5 days a week I also do strength training by lifting weights.
    Do you think the concept2 skierg can effectively combine both of these workouts into one? To be honest I like lifting weights much more so that’s more important to me. Thanks in advance,
    Mat A.

    • I wish I can personally give you my insight into skiing but  I can’t deny it I lived in Park City Utah and a lot of people travel here to ski with all kind of ages but what I have noticed that the people who compete at pro skii have an incredible amount of cardiovascular strength because I being training with skiing world champions, even tho I am a boxer our cardio its extremely parallel. A lot of them have really good built legs so I definitely can see this because I am surrounded by this type of athletes. So in term of gaining muscle, it’s pretty much possible but I would see ore in the lower body than upper. 

  3. That sounds good. Cardio and strength training at the same time. Running is boring and so is lifting for me. I need to mix it up. This might be good for me. It is cool that they found a way to turn it into a game of sorts challenging the pro skiers.
    Nice way of ending it with a reality check. There but for the grace of god go us. We don’t have any excuses do we?

  4. I have to say this sucker looks amazing. I personally love cardio. It does suck at times, but I feel like this machine will make all the difference, and help me to enjoy it more. Thanks for this.

    • Sure no problem that one of my goal to help people on the fitness realm cause I can relay to them when I started on my journey and is not as simple as it looks you need some guides.

  5. This is a great review about this product. I would to ask, is this product suitable and durable for using in the gym? What I want is something durable because most of my customer use the equipment roughly.

  6. This is a great product I always wanted a home gym because it is so convenient to have it there right at home and the good part is that you will be working out in the privacy of your own home. it is so good to see that you are sharing this home gym that seems to be so effective in what it can do.

  7. I’ve always been a big fan of hiit and I love getting stronger — so this machine seems it would be great to have at home.

    My question is how exactly does it work? Do you sprint, is it like an elliptical, or what kind of exercises will you be doing on it?

    • This machine its more like skiing then anything else. HIIT its really good for after workout you still burning calories which is an interesting topic i wanna elaborate in the future. 

  8. Hey, great review. It seems like a great powerful machine which combines cardio and strength workout. I especially like the part where the computer shows you results and compare them with pro skiers. Amazing stuff! This motivates you in a workout to beat their scores and achieve super strength. I wish I have one of those at my home but it seems too expensive for me, but if I were continuous in my workout, I would definitely buy it.

    • If you have a competitive mindset you will love surpassing and breaking your limits I do that every time I have the opportunity.

  9. The Concept2 Skierg sounds like a great workout machine to keep at home. Over a long time, I realize that most machines either focus on cardio or muscle building. This is kind of disappointing because I can never find time to do both separately.

    This machine you recommended allows you to mix strength training and cario which is really good. You need cardio to build a good heart, stamina and blood circulation. You need strength training so that your muscles burn your fat during your sleep.

    What I really love about this machine you recommended is that it can save me a lot of time working out. I am the type of person who believes in benefiting in a twenty minute workout. Instead of dragging your session on forever, you should get a concept2 skierg and make every minute count. What do you think?

    • Yes sir, in the future, I am gonna be posting my progress with my physique I want to walk the talk to build a good relationship of trust with the people who are visiting my site thanks for commenting.

  10. Hi Erick. You have got a lot of good info on your site but I found reading your content was difficult. Some of your singular/plural tenses got mixed up. You have some sentences that seem to run together, possibly just missing the punctuation. I would recommend that you utilize the spell/grammar check in WordPress. I’ve found that it helps to run that 3 or 4 times as it seems to miss stuff the first time through. Also, it would be worth your time to have someone else help proof you content to make sure your ideas come through clearly. Hang in there and good luck!

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