Boxing for weight loss – Incredible cardio resistance training

Boxing for weight loss – Incredible cardio resistance training

I gotta give you my intake on what do I think about boxing in the fitness world. I personally practice boxing on the competitive side more than casually and this sport requires a lot of mental toughness, determination, and hard-work. Just like bodybuilding on boxing consistency and nutrition are really essential to stay in shape.

Not only will you use boxing for weight loss but you are learning fighting skills that may come in handy if you are out in the streets. You never know and you need to be prepared to self-defend.  You also will train on your awareness and be more alert and definitely work on your self-esteem.

What type of cardio is boxing

Depending who is coaching you, most of the time boxing will be a really high-intensity workout and the reason why its because its duration of the rounds resembles a high-intensity training module. In boxing, you are 3 minutes active and 1 minute to recover. But if you want a harder time then try and restless time, let us say 30 seconds in between rounds.

But just like bodybuilding, you need to work on your fundamentals skills first before starting to hit a heavy bag. Because most of the resistance type of training in boxing will happen in the heavy bag.  I would say work on your fighting stance first because it might be really uncomfortable and not a natural way to stand because in boxing you cant square up or you will leave your self very vulnerable for an attack (In competitive or sparring sessions).


I still use my same approach of IIFYM and so far it has worked for me that I am even starting to get lower body fat percentage. That proves you that bodybuilding is not the only sport that can get you a lean physique. Because of boxing being more cardio bias towards well obviously is gonna be less effective in term of gaining muscle mass.

But on the positive side, you will burn way more calories than just your typical cardio or weight routine. And that’s why if you stick to your nutrition plan there is no doubt about it that you will see results along the way. I haven’t lifted for 3 years in a row because I become more active as a boxer.

Mental game

Just like dealing with your cravings or temptations about cheating in your diet. If you want to be far on boxing it will also require those sacrifices to be on another level and eventually transform into a person you didn’t even recognize. And this where the mental game aspect comes into play because the mind is usually the first one to attack you even before your opponent lands a hit.

Your mind will out of the blue start making excuse or doubts that you shouldn’t listen to. Because believe me we are limiting our self for believing what our thoughts are indicating when in fact this is really far from reality and it doesn’t have to be on that way.

Boxing will help you to be more aware and in control of your emotions and situations that happens in life because lets face it just like the rocky movie quote “nobody will hit you harder than life but if you take the hits and keep moving forward” that’s exactly what you will get out of this sport. And once you recognized that you are not your thoughts and emotions and you are more self-aware an in control you will experience another way of looking at and confronting this life.

It won’t be the same eyes anymore trust me because I am telling you with my heart that this sport has done wonder to my personal life. And while you get ripped and sexy you also get to have a combat skill set something you really won’t gain just by lifting weights and dieting so in a good way it will make you feel like a badass trust me.

Finding the right gym

This one will be a tough one because you’re not only in there for a healthy lifestyle but if you are like me on the competitive side you must study how the gyms behave or what credentials it had before getting into it. The reason why you want a coach that actually have good fundamental knowledge in this sports because when time passes and believe me you will need years in your life to master a sport like boxing, you need the right team to take care of your fundamental really well.

Stay away from people who don’t do a good effort in  the gym because you don’t want to fall in to their own bad habits I would prefer to be my self and by wasting my time with some bad influences or guys that don’t actually challenge them self to get better or have a better outcome in their life.

Share some of your favorite boxers with the gym members or experience after all its almost like having a second family besides your biological one. A lot of successful boxers have made this clear that their coaches resemble a similar relationship to a father and son one.

Some final thoughts

I know that my website has nothing to do with boxing but because its related to me in so deep my core I decided to share my passion with you guys. Let me know in the comment section if you guy enjoys my boxing intake or some tips that I can offer on the exercises tab section.

I might learn some good workout routine from my current coach to share with you guys but that is if only there is interest. Has far as boxing its a wonderful sport to try whether you want to be a boxer competitor or just for the sake of staying in shape I 100% support boxing. It builds a lot of skills along the way that is so useful in life in general.





8 thoughts on “Boxing for weight loss – Incredible cardio resistance training”

  1. I would love to get my teenage son into boxing but tried a few times and failed. Personally, I’ve tried Thai Boxing and it is very taxing on my body. Just can’t do it for a one hour lesson. Is there any way you can help me so I can be physically and mentally ready for this exercise. Btw, my intention is lose weight. Hope you can help.

    • Well if you want to stretch your limitation its gonna sound boring but it is effective, meditate because by doing so you are actually practicing how to keep concentration on a task on hand, meditation also allow you do deal with pain like help you to be in a better relationship with pain instead of like 99 percent of us do just push it aside. I guarantee you that you might have pain now but in the future you will do so much better because your body adapts to the soreness of the exercise, so any type of change will hurt trust me but it is temporary. 

  2. Boxing is an incredible sport and workout. I never boxed competitively (even though I really wish that I did), but you have to have crazy endurance to be a fighter. You always hear about tons of celebrities and models that use boxing as a cardio workout, and that’s because it really gets the job done and gets you in great shape. I enjoyed your article very much. Keep it up.

    • What I also like about boxing boxing it builds you more mentally strong and tackle challenges of life with more resistance to not give up.

  3. An article after my own heart.  I love boxing for cardio.  Nothing bores me more than sitting on a machine in the gym.  I am not a professional by any means but often take clients through pad sessions.  I noticed you said if you got enough interest you would post up so sessions you do with your coach.  This would be of great interest to me.  As I am always looking for new ideas.

    Thanks for a great post

    • Yes I am looking forward to start my amateur boxing career, its a long stretch that I had to endure from a lot of disappointments to being with different coaches, I know at the end I never give up. 

  4. I haven’t done boxing in a competitive way, however did hit the punching bag quite a few times. And I must tells you it isn’t easy. You will get breathless very quickly at first. It’s a great way of burning calories and stay in shape. 

    In my opinion, as in any competitive sports there are risks. And boxing is not different. As a hobby it seems great to me, but as a profession it looks can of dangerous to your health. 

    • That’s why us the professional take time to develop our craft to get our defenses because we know whats gonna happen if we let our self fight like wreck less eventually our health will collapse, multiple painful surgery yes its a dangerous sport but one that has the power to transform your life too, but I agreed is not for everyone. 

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