Best vegetables to eat, Good benefits

A good key to a healthy balanced diet it’s to add these folks I am talking about. If you though the flexible diet was to stuff your face with pop tarts and ice cream thinking that because this caloric quantity goal you’re hitting for weight loss is more important and not having future consequences, then I gotta handle some tough love is not. Having a selection of some of the best vegetables to eat will ensure you a better future and perform way better than you expected.

In the next few paragraphs, I will give you my recommendation along with some research I made for some of the awesome vegetables.



This bulking green dude has good benefits for your bones since it’s a good source of vitamin K which is superior to calcium believe it or not. It also makes your meal density go up and it will satisfy your appetite and stop you from possibly overeating along the way.

Fresh green vegetables, isolated on white, macro close up

I recommend you to eat this vegetable raw has nature brought it since cooking can potentially destroy some of the powerful antioxidants this food has. Also, for those protein fanboys broccoli is one that has a decent amount of protein at least in the vegetable realm.

With flexible dieting imagine how many recipes you can create mixing your bad foods with this clean food give you an alternative to having a more enjoyable and appealing meal then it is to jump straight to just eat raw vegetables and protein which again is not bad but a bad habit won’t be overcome overnight.

Example: Mac n cheese with broccoli, I know right sounds traditionally they go well together like peanut butter and jelly.


Yes, the classic potato that pro bodybuilder must have it on the diet and there is a reason why they include them. It’s an excellent source of carbohydrate plus this vegetable it’s so bulking I guarantee you if you eat a whole potato with a decent size in one of your meals chances are you aren’t gonna that much more after that. Did you know potato can feed your brain so well during the day?

Simple potato on a table

Now I know what you’re thinking, french fries and while I advertise flexible diet I won’t be biased towards choosing french fries over the whole raw vegetable. The reason why it’s obvious it’s cooked with so much oil it will ramp up their original caloric value and if you’re trying to diet for weight loss this won’t help unless you just doing in it on a refeed day which I would do an article of this in a near future.


This guy’s very dense and low calorie( 20 calories per serving which are 5 spears) that I often catch competitor bodybuilders eating this at their final stage of dieting where they probably adjust their calories so low that they are starting to be resourceful with which food should they take.

Asparagus has an interesting benefit not only for losing weight but actually on the sexual side of us human. It helps in that area and I never knew this until I started researching it on my own so interesting fact.

Another perk of this boy it that’s it enhances the insulin transport which if you didn’t know about it’s what takes all your essential nutritionist content of your food on to the bloodstream faster than usual.


In my recent memory, all I can think about these vegetables it’s when Bug Bunny appear and do something really annoying well with that said let get in it.

Real life Bugs Bunny

Carrots are a really good source of vitamin A which help your eyes but of course don’t fantasy having the ability of shooting x rays that would be awesome.

This vitamin also helps your liver which is responsible to clean your toxin from your bloodstream. But be careful to not over peel them since most of the good nutrients are right close to the skin of it.

So if you’re really low on your calories budgets this would be a good appetizer with salad dressing trust me these boys don’t have a lot of calories to worry about.



Besides hearing the classic aw this will cause you bad breath I think it’s safe to say that you actually can benefit from this vegetable too and if your afraid of your bad breath just grab some mentos I guess.

The manganese content of this vegetable it really helps to fight against flu and yes I been there and it sucked. Glad to know if there is a next time I am including this for future reference. There are different kinds of onions, aim for the red one since it’s the one with the higher amount of antioxidant and benefits that might bring.

Also, for those boxers out there this is beneficial when dealing with Parkinson a popular disease that unfortunately a percentage of boxer suffered like Muhammad Ali. 


This is some of the best vegetables to include during a diet. The reason why I listed enough benefits that you should consider for your future as I believe most of you should consider taking part in a sports activity if you wanna see better results along the way. In my case I started doing bodybuilding and naturally it is expected to add the part of dieting in there, but there is a lot of other range of athletes that don’t consider this part if only they knew that they don’t have to dehydrate or find a fancy way to lose weight because lets just take boxing has an example, a lot of them will go through a dehydration process which is dangerous of you over do it, you have more risk to have brain damage and don’t understand also the concept of metabolism. So no matter if you’re a boxer, bodybuilder, tennis player, basketball player etc if you don’t diet don’t expect to look like some of the best athletes out there on television. Most of them have nutritional coaches.





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  1. Great article about the benefits of those vegetables. I’m usually not a big fan of broccoli, but after reading your article, I may reconsider lol.


  2. You have a good sense of humor. It comes through in your articles, which are informative. I recommend getting an editor, however. It’s like enjoying singing and needing singing lessons.

  3. Can’t say enough good things about veggies! Potatoes are my weakness! One can truly get all the nutrients and protein they need from a plant-based diet!

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