Best home exercise equipment – For beginners

In my experience of this so call life when I started doing exercises I pretty much was a bit lucky to have my dad on my side with this. His ideology is that we are going to build a man out of you but you gotta crumble that egg layer similar to when a chicken is born.

We gotta get out of our comfort zone to achieve that and thanks for him being in the military I was able to learn a lot from him. The same thing I am teaching you guys is the genuine way how I started my journey into fitness. This is not the only way what so ever there many paths leading to the same outcome. I am here to reveal some of the best home exercise equipment. Before stepping on this exercises I recommend doing these first. 

Free weight dumbbells

They will help you built your arms effectively, but this type of exercise isolation exercise is design to target a muscle in general. Every muscle fiber it’s connected to another one believe it or not like a chain. I started with 15 pounds dumbbells and eventually when I was able to lift them around 10 repetitions on 3 sets I knew it was time to get heavier weights. There is a lot of variations with dumbbell exercises I will post a video below showing some example of how many variates you have to target not just the biceps but most of the muscles. Not only you can target the biceps obviously but you can do shoulder flies and depending on which direction you are lifting the dumbbells you are targeting a different head part of the shoulder. So don’t only focus on doing just regular shoulder presses or fly try hitting them at different angles.


Strength resistance bands

When I was a kid I got caught into the idea that if I used this band it will guarantee me gaining sharp muscle like the guys from the magazine’s fitness that looked really cut and dry. Then when I grow I found out it was a more complicated process. Non the fewer strength bands are really useful for starting. It comes with different types of resistances too from light to heavy. Do you see a pattern here? You will always start light and work your way to heavy as long your muscles are growing and have more resistance to do it. Resistance bands are cheap and also helpful when you’re traveling too. You don’t need to carry around heavy metal equipment to not miss a workout. I don’t know if some people have done that but that would be funny seeing someone carrying a machinery everywhere they go.

Ez barbell

This bar’s so old school but the way that the bar is constructed will give you different angles to hit the biceps and triceps and even shoulders. Remember changing the angle of how you lift the weight like impact directly which muscle you are activating on the training course. This piece of equipment it’s really popular when you see a stand that looks like a praying stand. There is where most people use this bar to target the upper portion of the bicep but also this bar it’s really good to target the triceps especially if you close your grip ( skull crushers) and your back against a bench, this exercise I recommend to start with a weight you can really control and don’t go on your ego and try to lift something that’s too heavy in order to impress others. You might end up hurting your self instead of making progress.

Elliptical treadmill

This one is really good for starters to because this machine will allow you to simulate running without the negative effects of impact while running. Your knees eventually will take a toll. So when you have knee pain I recommend using this type of machine has it will reduce the impact of your weight driving down the floor and will be healthier for your joints. This is an excellent machine if you feel that you injured a knee. But is also good for starters too. The benefit of knowing this is that when you’re in an advanced phase of exercising you can go and revisit your fundamentals exercises and choose the difficulty that you need in order to progress. You don’t want to always go extreme all the way hardcore you need to do some adjustment and by listening to your body it will guarantee that and not only that you get to know your self-way better. What might work for you might not work for others remember that.

Jump Rope

Well, when I was starting in my fitness journey it never crosses my mind doing jump rope but now that I have around 8 years within the fitness realm I think this is a really good piece of equipment to add especially if you’re developing that cardiovascular strength. And I think it’s beneficial to have cardiovascular strength in order to have more stamina, therefore, more efficient with your exercises. Because trust me exercises like burpees will not be a cakewalk if you don’t have the cardio strength and I personally has a boxer I am inclined more into cardio then strength simply because I am focusing on my volume of throwing punches.

That’s it

My beginning was like yours, really slow making every little step count towards the bigger picture. Every single rep you do believe it or not you’re adding a progress and eventually, you will gain muscle over time. Consistency and will of power are so hand-to-hand. Your willpower is like your fuel for your tank of motive it will keep you on striving to get better. I also want you to experience hand-to-hand failure it is needed in every endeavor of life.

Don’t look at it has a negative way, on the contrary, it’s like a report card saying what you need to fix for the eventually next time you reproduce this activity. Thru pain and failure, you will build mental strength and that my friend you necessary use it for muscle only but for everything you tackle in life. Not only you will get the body you deserve but a new you a new person going and knowing what the struggle it’s all about.

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