best high intensity workouts- time efficient training

best high intensity workouts- time efficient training

In my opinion, this type of exercise is more particularly aimed at cardiovascular strength and trust me it is designed to melt that body fat with real intentions for losing weight. This is perfect if you re in a sport that demands cardiovascular in my case boxing. Basically, a high intensity works out its when you create a consistent window of explosiveness into n exercise an then for recovery you usually slow down and depending on your fitness level of conditioning this rest time can be altered.

Let’s say I am on a track and a good high intensity work out is for me to sprint in the straight part of the track and on the curve I slow down for recovery then I am back at sprinting again in the straight part of the track. You need to give your commitment to increasing the heart rate dramatically order wise you won’t get the full benefit of this technique. Here are some of the best high-intensity workouts benefits that I have found.

Increase your metabolic rate

This is a no-brainer if you increase your metabolic rate chance are you’re gonna be able to burn more energy then an average person. This gives some good perks when you wanna enjoy more eating and not feeling guilty but of course, you need to be on top of your self cause I am not saying eat whatever you want, here’s a link to one of my article that I address n that. (

Time efficient

Just like I remarked on the title is a type of training with time efficient integrated. Because of the high intensity, you normally will end up more sore and sweat more then if you go on a slower phase on any type of exercise but please be careful with weights. I don’t think free weights were design for this type of training and I am not against crossfitters but they tempted to fall into this category of trying to do everything high intensity and can result in an injury especially if its a free weight.

Stabilizing your weight requires balance and a bad swing or momentum can put your fitness career in danger, I not so long ago reviewed an awesome product that helps to eliminate this problem. (

Some people think the longer you are in a workout the better results, some quality of staying longer might include burning at your own phase more calories but if you have 2 jobs a family, you barely gonna take a time lightly and spend hours in the gym maybe if you are a bodybuilder, but if you are in a hurry this type of high-intensity exercises will do more burning calories

It  also trigger an after effect kinda like when you are lifting weights and your muscles are sore and needs time to repair, the time to repair with protein that action alone requires calories from your body, well high intensity do something particularly similar but instead of repairing muscle tissue because you put a stress on your cardiovascular system you will gain a metabolic rate a bit faster than usual on a window of time between 36 to 48 hours after that HIIT.

Equipment free

Yes, that’s right HIIT really works so well doing bodyweight exercises. And believe me adding this element its a game changer because not only will you develop strength but also cardiovascular strength meaning its good for your heart circulation but of course do what you can and don’t over exaggerate to the point you almost get a heart attack. That’s clearly not the point.

Burpees are really one of the hardest right there and combining it at a session where you finish a run or sprint its soo worthy if you are challenging your self to go beyond but of course not to injure but to progress and get better each time you step up to do that type of exercise.

Dymatize Super Multi – 120 Caplets

Dymatize Super Multi - 120 Caplets

Lets say you do a 400 meter spring right, then your coach say drop down give me 10 burpees, haha I don’t wanna be on that trust me they are really challenging especially when you are gas out of doing some spring but in the positive side if you keep going to that fitness boot camp eventually your body will develop a cardiovascular strength resistance and believe me you will feel you will have more gas on the tank.

Let us implement this technique

Alright if you want to try this follow these directions clearly, then important thing here is to create a window of time where you are gonna give your all 100% intense and then a short brief recovery window. I like to use the time frame of the high intensity and then for recovery I usually use half of the time that was the use of the high-intensity workout frame, The goal here is to keep your heart at a high rate zone for torching off those unwanted calories of your body.

Ok gonna give you an example that you can do on the comfort of your home. Let’s do 1-minute burpees follow by 30 seconds high plank then you’re switching to jump squats for 1-minute rest for 30 seconds then you drop and do 1 minute of mountain climbers.  Then I want you to if you have access to a track run one loop return to your station where you were doing the exercises. Do this 3 times and I guarantee you will be burning a tremendous amount of calories.

Also, I got to bring in this topic remember that after a good intense workout you should do some recovery stretches, I can give you a link for my article about dynamic stretches but this usually is done before a workout. (
I hope you guys enjoyed reading my side of view for high intensity workout, its really effective if you put on the work trust me you will get results as long you stick to it, Let me know on the comment section down below for any suggestion or another topic you want me to tackle related to fitness off course.