Benefits of being in the present – Staying focus

I love to talk about this topic because is pretty much underestimated nowadays. With technology getting ahead and ahead we are getting more distracted for reaching our current goals and I am not talking just about fitness goals but life goals in general. I figure it out that my site I want to carry an important message out there not just in fitness but in other areas that I have the opportunity to cover.

For most of my life I have been living with a false sense of what talking true to what my mind says and in the recent years, I started to practice more and more of being self-aware that I am not exactly what my mind says or feels. Imagine if you’re whole existence is based on a single emotion, that would be an obvious lie won’t it be?

We can’t be happy 24/7 or angry the whole as a result this just experiencing something that made you react that way but the truth of the matter the more you practice self-awareness the more control you have over your actions, emotions and especially your mind. Here are some of the Benefits of being in the present.

Cravings are really easier to detect in this state

Why? because you’re mostly focusing on the present moment and not what your mind telling about cheating on your diet. Once you detect that little infamous inner voice giving you an idea of self-sabotage your diet or your schedule you can simply use various methods to stop this idea growing in your mind.

First, you shouldn’t create a resistance towards not listening as the matter of fact it will make it even worse if you try to resist that inner. I am not saying go ahead an act based on what it is saying but stop for a second and try to make sense if you actually need this suggestion to be realized.  I created the post before this one explaining some methods you can apply so that you can stop binging at night but not just at night but any time of the day as well.

Surpassing current level of fitness

This one is huge especially if you are aspiring to be a competitive athlete you need that X-factor inside you to keep surpassing and get better at your craft no matter what sport you are practicing. In my case boxing is the sport I am dedicated and I need to obviously stay in the moment and not let my mind self-sabotage me during a fight.

I won’t let my mind self-doubt take control over me or emotions because the truth of the matter is that the person who makes you react inside the ring will actually have control over you and is willing to pull a lot of stuff that makes you react resulting you to lose composure and beginning to built frustration an fatigue. So this why the present moment is so essential especial on combat sport because it gives you that edge of not reacting but responding according to the situation.

Better relationship with Pain

What I am trying to say is that obviously, you can’t hide from pain, pain is everywhere and no matter how hard you try to hide it will get you the most unexpected moment. And this is part of our life we can’t reject it , as the matter of fact thanks to the pain I suffered from a break up around 2012 I was able to look for another answer that I needed, another piece of the puzzle was missing and some intuition told me and thanks to this I was able to self-evolve into a better person.

Any transformation in life will involve pain whether you like it or not. So quit rejecting it embrace it, use it as a tool to stay in the present moment, notice your self that pain is always experienced in the present but that could come in the form of anxiety( future) depression (past) and with a strong mindset we can let pain be in the present let it stay but never let it control our life resulting in always be traumatized by an experience and therefore triggering fear anger sorrow etc.


Being in the present makes you appreciate little details

It makes you a more responsible person knowing that time is a limited resource if you are schedule heavy, you pretty much tackle a lot of challenges or goals to be done for a better future. Like me just doing this website feels I am doing something that will eventually be paid off. Find a passion of yours and be present with it.

Never let your mind distract you from other activities that you are planning and by giving your present self, this even shows when talking to people you’re not rushing a conversation but rather listening every single detail. Because don’t underestimate little details it can be opportunities you didn’t even know and if you ignored then you have might lose an experience to be lived.

In the end, if you make that person remember you because you make them feel good then that’s a positive I guess. Sooner or later your passion will show and might inspire a lot of people you don’t even have an idea. Never underestimate the power of now because it will make every second or minute or hour more valuable that has ever been.

A few more words

I hope this post has to light a bulb or trigger some sort of understanding because for me this has been the biggest lesson in my entire life. Knowing that I have control over me and not letting the experience control my decisions have been a huge deal. And in the contrast, you can tell a lot of criminal act crimes have come from just letting a lie grow upon minds of other a getting a delusion of reality, when in reality they can become something bigger then their inner voice is telling them. I hope you guys enjoy my content and feel free to ask anything I will try to give my attention the best I can.