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Most of my childhood I live and I was raised with the freedom of eating what I wanted with no resistance, most my family members knew nothing about nutrition so they couldn’t help, I felt that towards years passing I started to become overweight and that I wasn’t feeling good about my self, I couldn’t look straight in the mirror I knew I had to deal with the consequences of not watching what I was eating, At this point 2 thoughts pop out my mind, the one was that I should accept with no shame and that obesity is just a decease that I didn’t get blessed with high metabolism like some people were gifted and that I would still choose food and my “happiness” over my image but my other though was that I refuse to be a victim of a disease and find a way to balance between food and how I looked.

Me(in the middle) with my Dad and sister

Obviously, it took years of trial an error in order to find what suited for me. It wasn’t easy like everything else that you put effort into it there will always be setbacks but it is our choice that it’s in our hand to keep on in the game or quit. You need this rough times in order to see how will it push you to transform your mindset and based on that will pretty much set the course of your journey, ones in motion it’s easier to built momentum, and I am talking to you from the place of knowing cause I live it and continue to.


Cause I do identify with most people who have struggled with the traditional way or people who got scam got lied, they don’t like their food and force them in their schedule and think that it’s a very complicated process when in reality it might be simpler than you though but you gotta be open-minded about it, it goes against some “rules” or shouldn’t do but still I can show you a way without drastically changing your favorite foods just be cautious about how much you’re eating it.



I want to show you the benefits of flexible dieting, I can show you what has worked for me in 7 years I have been having a blast without worrying or feeling sick and tired of the food I consume while still losing weight and enjoying the benefit of looking sexier or fit and still have that happiness of enjoying some of your “bad food” while learning how to:

1. Tracking efficiently your caloric intake.

2. Encourage you to take some actions and make some corrections along the way( I’ll be supporting you)

3. Debunking all kinds of nutrition theory that have to make your journey a bit harder than it should be.

4. Make you happier of course and sharing your success to the world out there that you should feel proud you accomplish something that not many people wouldn’t.

My current self


“Shot for the moon cause you might land among the stars.”

Les Brown


Erick Aviles


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